Back to December!

Featured Photo: Deck the Halls!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 12/05/2016):

Good morning everyone. Holy cow, it’s December already. Yes, the subject was a reference to a Taylor Swift song. I think it was one. but, has this year just flown by or what? It has for me. To think a year ago I was in La Crosse with Elder Yang and now a year later I’m in Eau Claire with Elder Yang again! God works in mysterious ways! Well this week has been quite the week. Let’s get right into it!

It snowed!

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A Sky Full of Miracles!

Featured Photo: Bright Futures for Bright Missionaries!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 11/07/2016):

This week kind of just slipped by all too quickly. I mean it was Halloween, then all of a sudden it’s November, and now we had to turn our clocks back. Time is moving waaaaaay too quickly. I only have a certain amount of time to be a missionary and I need to cherish it. Well, onto how this week went shall we? 🙂

Swagging in the Mom van #soccermomellis

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Taught a Lesson Dressed as a Cat!

Featured Photo: A Treat for Halloween!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 10/31/2016):

Hello everyone! Man, this week has just flown by, it’s gone so fast! And, it’s Halloween! So Happy Halloween! Or for my league playing friends, happy harrowing! Crazy. I hope you all have plenty of fun activities planned for today, one of which includes reading the rest of this email! So I’ll get started with my week! 🙂

Halloween Party

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Miracles from the Past!

Featured Photo: Teaching a ghost!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 10/24/2016):

Hello everyone! It’s been another week! Too fast at this point… It’s already Monday. So many things happened this past week, so I’ll get right to it!

On last Monday, we went with the sisters to visit one of their investigators and had lunch with them. It was fun, we also planned out our costumes for Halloween, stay tuned I’m still debating if I want to attach a sneak peek below. It was pretty fun.

Thinking about possibilities

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Make the Best of Every Moment!

Featured Photo: Beware the Power of the Dark Side!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 10/17/2016):

Hello, everyone! This week has been a great week. It’s been full of ups and downs! Holy wow, I also can’t believe it’s been a full seven days since I’ve last emailed. Wow, time flies. So let’s get started on a synopsis on the week then shall we?

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The Titanic Trio!

Featured Photo: Elder Hickman, Elder Yang, and Elder Ellis harvesting peppers

From Elder Ellis (email dated 10/10/2016):

Hello everyone! For the record, this form of the word titanic refers to the awesomeness of us, not the ship that was sunk by an iceberg. 😉 On a brighter note, it’s Monday again! Which means you get to hear from me again! So great. I know, hold the applause. 🙂

This week has been so crazy, so let’s get right into it!

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Featured Photo: Mai, Bao, and Emmaus surprising Elder Ellis with a visit!

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone! This week has been awesome! So much has happened and I just can’t formulate words to tell you all the miracles. But I’ll try! 🙂 Let’s get started.

Last Monday we partied it up at the Hicken’s home with some other missionaries. We played basketball, frisbee in the rain, spaz, and volleyball! It was a lot of fun. Elder Anderson and I went on exchanges afterwards and we were able to visit some less active members that we normally don’t get to see.

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