Featured Photo: Mai, Bao, and Emmaus surprising Elder Ellis with a visit!

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone! This week has been awesome! So much has happened and I just can’t formulate words to tell you all the miracles. But I’ll try! 🙂 Let’s get started.

Last Monday we partied it up at the Hicken’s home with some other missionaries. We played basketball, frisbee in the rain, spaz, and volleyball! It was a lot of fun. Elder Anderson and I went on exchanges afterwards and we were able to visit some less active members that we normally don’t get to see.

Tuesday was a day of miracles too. We (Elder Anderson and I) were able to visit more less active members and we had a miracle!! We just finished our lesson with Jo___ and left her apartment. We were walking to our car when this other car almost backed over us. I didn’t think much of it and started to get into our car to drive away. The guy got out of his car and started talking to Elder Anderson and asked him questions about his religion and who we are. I got out of the car and joined him in this conversation. He and his family were looking for some sort of church. They wanted to get closer to God and he knew it was time. He asked us for a card or pamphlet. WHO DOES THAT?? We usually ask them if they want a card or pamphlet, HE ASKED US!! It was great. We asked if we could come back sometime soon and he said, “Yeah, come back tomorrow!” Bam. What? So we did!

Hmong Brothers!

Wednesday was a day of miracles too. Kind of. (Look. I’m doing good at chronologically organizing these events!) So the beginning part of our day was spent in Bloomington because of new missionary training. Yay.… It was a good training, but you know sitting for six hours in a room isn’t the most fun. Hahaha. We had a lesson with our miracle family after our meeting. Man, they have questions beyond questions. It’s awesome. Their names are B___ and K___. They are a younger couple, but they really want to change and have such good motives. It’s going to be great! I’m so excited!

At a concert!

We also had a lesson with P___ on Wednesday night. P___ is doing awesome. Sister Lyman has taken her visiting teaching a couple times, it’s great how integrated she is with the Ward! We had a great lesson about the Atonement and we brought Brother Gregg Murray with us. He is awesome. He helped her understand the Atonement so much. It was awesome. Brother Murray is also the stake mission leader. It was a great lesson and P___ has pushed her baptismal date back to may 28th, but she is fired up and ready to get baptized! Woot woot!

We did some contacting at an event in downtown Chaska later that evening too. It was called the Taste of Chaska. It was a great little local event and there was a lot of free food! We ended up handing out four pass along cards, two Books of Mormon, and had one lesson there. It was awesome! We started helping people as we walked around because we got there towards the end. We helped this one guy who was just looking for the truth. We taught him! Unfortunately he lives outside our area, but it was still a seed to be planted!

Live music at the Taste of Chaska

We had another zone training on Thursday so not too much to report on there. A lot of good training though!

Friday was a super packed day. Holy cow! We went to serve at FMSC (Feed My Starving Children), and then we got to visit D___ B___!! He’s doing pretty good. We were planning on teaching the Restoration, but instead we decided we would teach the Plan of Salvation, because he kept asking a lot of questions that pertained to that. It was awesome!

Saturday…. Saturday was the BEST DAY EVER! We started the day off by filling the font for a youth baptism. Christy texted us to come to her workplace because she needed help or something. So we did. She was in on a surprise because someones were there to visit me. MAI AND BAO CAME TO SEE ME! It was the best! They thought I was going to cry, but I was more confused for a part of it. I still thought we needed to help Christy with something. It was so good to see them again! Emmaus was there too. We had a brunch/lunch together and it was amazing! Those moments make all of missionary work worth it. It makes every slammed door, bad name called, people not listening, or any other bad experience worth it. It makes all those WORTH IT. Seeing Mai and Bao and how far they’ve come just made me so happy. It also makes me even more happy to know that they still care enough about me to drive three hours to come see me on a Saturday. I’m so happy I got to see them. I didn’t cry until they left. 🙂

Sunday was good too. We had D___ and P___ at church. They loved it! P___ is so ready to be baptized it’s awesome! D___ had a really good experience at church too. We also had a lesson with M___ and her kids. She is the sweetest lady ever! She knew that we didn’t drink tea so she made us some cookies and lemonade. We had a really good chat about the church. Her kids joined us later, but it was so good to have them there.

Elder Ellis and Elder Lao

We also had President’s Fireside yesterday. Man that was SO AWESOME! P___ came, so did Jo___, and Tr___. So funny. Tr___ and Jo___ pull up in their car blasting some old Johnny Cash music. It was soooooo funny. It was a great experience for P___ too. Christy came as well. So it was a good experience for us all. Even better? I GOT TO SEE ELDER LAO!!! Elder Lao came and we got to catch up for a little. It was awesome. I got to see basically all my Hmong people. It was awesome. I got a few pictures with them. Ah, I miss them, I also miss Elder Lao. Oh, turns out Mai and Bao visited Elder Lao too! But they planned it, so it was a surprise for me only. 😉

Cool quote!

Okay, well that about sums it up for my long novel of a week. If you made it to this point in my email, Yay! You have to ability to read long emails and not get bored! (Even if the formatting is off for computers. Which I don’t know if it is or not 🙂 ) Anyway, thank you so much for your support! Thank you for finishing this email too. 🙂 Love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Elder Ellis


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