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From Elder Ellis (email dated 10/17/2016):

Hello, everyone! This week has been a great week. It’s been full of ups and downs! Holy wow, I also can’t believe it’s been a full seven days since I’ve last emailed. Wow, time flies. So let’s get started on a synopsis on the week then shall we?

It’s so sad to say, but the titanic trio has sunk…(you knew this pun was coming). Elder Hickman left us on Friday this past week. He helped us so much and is much missed, but now he’s in Crystal learning what the cities really are and teaching many people. He’s working hard and is dearly missed here in Eau Claire though.

Elder Hickman leaves us

This week we did work though. We taught a lot of people and got a lot of work done. We were able to visit with Elbert David. Man, so cool backstory. Elbert David is the only member of his family to be a member of the church. His family is from the Pacific Islands too. Also, his mom and dad were the first people I ever invited to be baptized on my mission. How cool is that? So 19 months later, I get to go back to Eau Claire and visit with them. Elbert is still doing his best to be an example to his parents, and his parents are not yet baptized. So I have a new mission goal. Get Elbert’s family to enter into the waters of baptism. It’s going to be a long journey, but I’m going to get it to happen before I leave the mission. I’m determined! Elbert and us we had some good talks this week. We invited him and committed him to come to mutual this week. He said he wanted to, but he didn’t have a ride. We set up a ride for him and HE CAME! It was awesome to see him help out with the young men and rake leaves. He’s going to do so many great things. I’m excited to work with him again! 🙂

We also got the opportunity to visit with G___ this past week. G___ is doing well. He’s being consistent with meeting with us. He hasn’t come to church which means we may have to push back his baptismal date for a little bit, but he does have a great desire to be baptized! So we’re going to keep on it!

Cool miracle from this past week. So we were near the church and I thought about a less active that I tracted into the first time I was here. She lived near the church and we didn’t have a ton of things to do, so we tried to stop by her. We knocked on the door and someone opened the door. Turns out the less active lives there! Even better is that her Sister opened the door and talked to us. As it turns out, SHE’S A MEMBER TOO! She just moved there recently and so we don’t have her records yet, but she definitely wants us to come back and teach her again! She also wants us to visit her mom, who is also a member too! Even better, she directed us to some more Hmong homes and we taught another lesson and got a return appointment with another Hmong family! Miracles people! They still happen today even!

On Friday, we went on splits with the Zone Leaders. It was great to see Elder Oldroyd again, but this time I went with Elder Taugavau. Both are such awesome Elders! We had a lot of fun finding people to teach. We visited a few less actives and didn’t have much success, but we did get to eat dinner at Muang Thai together. We helped them out by cutting up onions, and washing dishes. The people that work at Muang Thai are so chill and they love us. The owner is a member of our church and her son is on a mission in Cambodia right now! She is in Fresno, so her other son is taking over the restaurant and he is not a member. He loves us, though, and has a lot of respect for us. He cooked up a special order wall-eye that wasn’t even on the menu for us to eat with him. He also ordered us whatever else we wanted and he didn’t let us pay for any of it. That was such a cool miracle, and I’m forever grateful for the people that work there. We set it up so that we go once a week to help them with stuff. They will usually give us food, but sometimes we decline. One can only have so much Asian food. 😉

Elder Hickman’s last ice cream run

Saturday was fun, so we had a service project through a Hmong association here in Eau Claire. We were supposed to help them with some activities for an event that was going on. We get there and find out that it was a WOMEN’S awareness event. So Elder Yang and I were the only two men in the entire room for about 3/4 of the time we were there. We also found out that the events we were supposed to help with were teaching people to do a Hmong line dance and make bracelets. Yes, I learned how to Hmong line dance. No, I don’t have a video of myself (thankfully, I’m so uncoordinated). I did make a pretty swag bracelet too though. Haha, it was fun, and I met some people from La Crosse who know Mai! So that was cool to see how small this world really is.

Sunday was really good, we went on splits with the Elder’s quorum to visit people around the ward. I went with Brother Skinner, we visited three inactive families and got in contact with each of them! It was a great turnout! Elder Yang went with Chauncey Harris, Jr., and was able to teach G___. That was a great lesson too (I can only assume because I wasn’t there). We also got to visit with the Beavens family, and Brother Beavens played the guitar for us! It was so great!

Man, so that’s my update for this week. This email is long, and I’m impressed if you are still reading it! 🙂 Thank you for all the love and support! I know that God loves each of us and it’s so wonderful to be preaching that to the people of Eau Claire. I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Ellis


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