God’s Perfect Timing!

Featured Photo: Thanksgiving Leftovers! Yum!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 11/28/2016):

Good Morning everyone!

Yes, it’s time to hear from me again, so soon, right? Thursday wasn’t even a week ago, but in the time that I have emailed, there have been a lot miracles. I think we should get right into it!

First things first, the Church has put out its new Christmas initiative! #LightTheWorld. Light the world through service in December. There is a new video that you can check out on Mormon.org. Starting December 1st, there will be a new video released to encourage and inspire everyone to do service in small ways around you everyday leading up to Christmas. I encourage you all to check it out and do those acts of service everyday! It will make your Christmas better! 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Featured Photo: Thanksgiving at the Bishop’s house

From Elder Ellis (email dated 11/24/2016):

You can clearly see what’s on my mind for Thanksgiving. FOOD! Yum!! So I know you all have been dying to hear from me, it’s alright, hold the applause, I’m here. The mission has decided to have us email on Thursday instead of Monday. So that is my leave of absence for the past three days. You’ll hear from me again in like…three more days? So next week’s email will be shorter. Just like your soon-to-be-Thanksgiving dinners, this email will be big and delicious! I’ve got a lot of good stories to tell and a lot of time too. So here we go! 🙂

It’s Fall! Yeah!

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It’s December?

Featured Photo: Elder Ellis, Samurai!

From Elder Ellis:

Okay people it’s really time now. It’s December…tomorrow. It snowed today. So I really feel like I’m living in a game of Animal Crossing. As soon as the clock strikes December 1st, there’s snow on the ground. Last night I went to bed with no snow on the ground. I woke up and saw a winter wonderland. It’s magical and wonderful and beautiful and cold…but did I mention it was magical?

My winter wonderland!

Well, enough with the weather forecast, let’s get started on how the week was!

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