Frogs Have More Lives Than Cats, Because They Always Croak!

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From Elder Ellis (email dated 9/19/2016):

Hello everyone, man again I say, as I always do, I can’t believe it’s been another week! These weeks keep getting faster. So fun fact, in my zone, there is an Elder who goes home with me. It’s Elder Cummings! I love that kid. For those who don’t know or remember, we were companions in the MTC! He called me and told me that we have 24 weeks left on our missions. Yesterday was my 18-month mark. I have now hit my “Sister mission” mark. CRAZY! Time flies! So basically to make you even more trunky for me, I only have 24 P-days left. You’ll only receive approximately 24 more weekly emails from me. And I only have four big holidays left until I get home: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Unless you count Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day, but let’s be honest, who counts those as holidays? It’s really just Singles Awareness Day and green day. Anyway, point being, my time is short and I am nigh unto death. Crazy!

So death and things aside, let’s get talking about this week! What happened? Let’s find out!

Sunday was a day of miracles. First miracle, we went tracting and came out alive. It’s Packers season and even worse, the game yesterday was Packers vs. Vikings, AND it was the first game played in the new Vikings stadium. So, I obviously didn’t watch it, so what was the score? Anyway, miracle also that we talked to some people. Everyone’s grilling, making Sloppy Joes, eating pop tarts, the whole nine yards. Anyway, the real miracles happened at church! Our recent convert, Michelle (baptized a week ago), brought her non-member niece to church! That’s T___ by the way, she’s awesome! Then, our other recent convert, Gage, gave a wonderful talk in church! THEN, this member family, the Quinns, brought a non-member friend to church as well! Their daughter is preparing to go on her mission soon and she invited a friend to church. He told her that he really liked it and wanted to come again! THEN STILL, our rest hymn was “If You Could Hie to Kolob,” and they all still liked it and didn’t have any confusing questions. THEN MORE, Michelle and T___ both came to the mission president’s fireside and loved it. There I also got to see Sister Pack, Sister Turner, and Sister Peterson. So Sunday was a miracles-filled day.

Elder sleep-over!

That was just Sunday, the rest of the week was even better! On last Monday, we had a zone P-day. We grilled burgers (sliders because they shrank…), played volleyball, and basketball. It was so much fun! The best part was that night. We all had zone conference the next morning, so all the Elders slept in our apartment. Let me explain that a little better. There are 16 Elders in our zone (including us). We have a two-bedroom apartment, two beds, three couches, one extra mattress. It’s game time. We did it though. Many people slept on the floor and couches. It was fun, hahahaha.

Nametags in the sand!

I was on exchanges in Menomonie and Bloomington as well this week! It was good to go back to Bloomington and see some old people and be in my old stomping grounds. Ah, the memories. It was good though!

On Wednesday, we had lunch with J___ L___. He’s on our ward list, and he wants to get back into church! He invited us over for lunch. His mom was there at the lunch and we had such a good Restoration lesson. She accepted the Book of Mormon and will read it, so it was cool to see her so willing to accept it, since she hasn’t been to a church in over 20 years.

Elder Ellis visiting a Cathedral!

The work here is starting to pick up. We’ve been having this problem of losing our investigators…to baptism. Hahaha, so we need to find some more. We’ve been working hard and the Lord will bless us!

There isn’t a ton much else to say. Most of my week wasn’t even spent in my area. So, sorry for the short email, but there will be more to write about next week. Spoiler alert: there’s a mid-transfer transfer coming and I’m a part of it. I’m going to Frogtown to speak Hmong. I don’t know how long I’ll be there. For all I know I could go for the rest of this transfer, or this and the next one, I don’t know. But what is do know is that we need Hmong missionaries and I’m the one the Lord needs. There is someone who needs to be taught by me and my poor Hmong-lish. So we’ll see what happens! Kuv tsis paub hais lus Hmoob. Hahaha, wish me luck! So the joke in the subject line relates to the fact that I’m going to Frogtown.

Elder Ellis!

Thank you all for your continued love and support! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Elder Ellis


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Michael Andrew Ellis

I write literary fiction at the confluence of Mormonism, Hmong culture, and the human condition. Here on, I write about Mormon arts and letters, Hmong history and culture, classic and contemporary literature, existentialism, and my journey as a writer.

One thought on “Frogs Have More Lives Than Cats, Because They Always Croak!”

  1. I love Elder Ellis!!! I love reading your emails. I love your positive outlook and spirit. I am blessed to read your messages each week. They are inspiring. Thank you Elder Ellis. We miss you. God speed!

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