Miracles from the State Fair to Eau Claire!

Featured Photo: Welcome to Minnesota!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 9/5/2016):

Hello everyone! It’s been another great week in the MMM! I can’t complain! We’ve done a lot and had much fun this past week. So, shall we get started with a synopsis of this week’s miracles?

First things first. We went to the State Fair last week! So if you received an email from me and it didn’t make sense, sorry. I was probably riding the bus while typing. But this was State Fair round two! This year I was able to visit many other booths that I didn’t get to visit last year. It was basically the same as it was last year.

Can’t skip the deep-fried candy bars. Mmm, good.

Same people, same places, same food, same prices…. It was still fun though! I bought some great souvenirs and gifts! The miracle of the State Fair happened as we were driving home on the bus. We started talking to some people on the bus and we met this sweet older lady who claimed to be agnostic, but she loved talking about religions. She figured out quickly that we were Mormon. She told us that she works with a Mormon! She was saying how wonderful this man is. Turns out, he lives in our Ward! What are the odds?? So it was cool to talk to her and now she is going to ask him more about the Church! What a miracle!

Chalking. Love it!

This past week we also got to go on exchanges with the Eau Claire Elders! I was able to go with Elder Hickman, who just barely came out. He is a solid Elder and has a solid testimony. As I was talking to him, I realized how old I was. He graduated in 2016…wowowowow! I’m old. Anyway, the miracle of Eau Claire. We had the opportunity to go “chalking.” Basically, we take an hour and use chalk to draw uplifting messages on the sidewalk. We came to a popular park and drew inspiring messages around the fountain and wrote, “Find out more @ Mormon.org,” after every quote we drew. Shortly thereafter, we met a man named Joe. He invited us to visit his church. We talked to him for a while and invited him to learn more. He agreed! Woot! Miracles!

Chalking at the fountain! Matthew 11:28

M___ was interviewed for baptism on Saturday! She passed, and after the interview, we watched The Life of President Thomas S. Monson: On the Lord’s Errand. It was amazing. She loved it. It was so wonderful. She is super excited about getting baptized and is ready to make the covenant. I’m so happy for her!!! It’s going to be wonderful!

Temple Trip!

On Friday we went to the temple at 6 am. We got to do an early morning session. It was wonderful to be able go to the temple again and partake of the blessings in there. I’m so grateful for the temple and the blessings found inside. I felt God speak to me personally that day. It was so wonderful!

Eyes on the temple!

So, remember how a couple weeks ago there was that college couple that chased us down? Well, if you don’t, there was a couple couple of kids that chased us down and asked us questions pertaining to the Church. Never really happens, but it did this time! So we met with them again. We had a good lesson. I was afraid it would turn into a bash session, but it didn’t. She asked us good questions, and we answered them. They brought a friend along too, so now there were three. We asked them to read Moroni 10, specifically Moroni’s promise, and pray about it. She was denying that the Book of Mormon was true. We simply said, “Did you pray with real intent?” She said, “Well, I always pray for truth. I asked God to show me truth before I even read it.” Elder Oldroyd then asked, “Do you think that you can get a specific answer from God, if you ask a specific question?” She responded, “Well, yeah, I do all the time.” “Do you think asking God for truth is specific?” Elder Oldroyd asked, “Or do you think asking God, ‘Is the Book of Mormon true and is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the true church,’ specific enough?” She was taken back and shot back, “Well, that’s just like asking God for a yes answer and that’s not right.” Then BEST PART EVER, her friend that joined us chimed in, “No, that’s not true, you could get a no from God about that. It’s specific enough you could get a specific yes or no.” I was floored. Her friend agreed with us. What? Cray cray! So she agreed to ask a specific question to God after reading the Book of Mormon more. I love it. So cool! She’s got potential, so long as she doesn’t go in with the mindset of proving it wrong, because you can’t. It’s just that way.

So that’s about it for this week, it’s been a great week and we’ve had a lot of fun miracles. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be on a mission and be able to serve the Lord day in and day out! It’s amazing! Thank you all for your continued support and love! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love ya!


Elder Ellis


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