Miracles Beyond Belief!

Featured Photo: Epic photo in the middle of nowhere!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 8/8/2016):

Hey, everyone! This week has been such a good week! So many miracles have happened this week, so I will get started on how awesome these miracles are. Let’s get started!

First things first, the fabulous Meikle’s came to visit me this morning. It was such a good experience to see them and talk with them. Oh it was so fun! 🙂 Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Meikle! 🙂 (They were missionaries in the Church’s translation department a few years ago and became family!)

Love the Meikles!

So onto these other miracles! Best thing ever. So Gage last week got the priesthood. He passed the sacrament yesterday! He said he was so nervous, but he loved it! This past week he also wanted to come teaching with us! We got rebuked by someone for talking to them, but it was a good experience for him and for us. He took one of my name tags about a sticky note over it that says, “Elder Quinn.” He’s so excited for a mission, it’s so great to see how much he loves this gospel. It’s so wonderful!

We also got to visit with M___ this past week. She still hasn’t received her answers yet, but she came to church on Sunday and said that she received some answers to her questions! So it’s a start! We’ll keep praying for her.

We had another miracle this past week! So we went on back to back exchanges this week. I went with Elder McClain to Eagan on Wednesday. We had a lot of miracles there too. We did service and tried knocking on a few potentials doors. No luck. So we decided to walk around the neighborhood. Long story short, we met this lady who was super open to learning and needed a few extra prayers. It was pretty awesome to see how prepared she was. She even asked us to come teach her daughters. It was so amazing!

The other miracle preceded that miracle. Week of miracles, see? So I went on another exchange with the Assistant. I was with Elder Morrow. Elder Morrow is a Hmong missionary, so we had some fun! We taught this person that Elder Oldroyd and Elder Peterson had found the previous day. We met at the church and had a solid lesson about Jesus Christ and the Restoration. We invited him to be baptized and he said, “Yes! Should I get baptized as soon as possible?” We said yes! So he accepted the baptism date of September 3rd! It’s so exciting! Miracles are everywhere!!

Yes, that is a frog!

We got to do service for Brother Larsen again, but no pictures this time. Aiden and Gage came with us! They loved doing service with us. It was a lot of fun to help them and show them what service is.

This past week we also had the opportunity to go to MLC: Missionary Leadership Council. We got the opportunity to hear from Elder Soares of the Seventy. We had such a revelatory experience there. He just taught a lot about being a good example and how much God loves all of us. It was such a good experience. Oh, and shout out to Sister Turner for being a pro at MLC and just being a great missionary in general! Woot!

Well, that’s about it for the miracles of this week. It’s been so great and I just love serving the Lord. It’s the best thing in the world. I love it! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. That’s all for this week, love you all!


Elder Ellis


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Michael Andrew Ellis

I write literary fiction at the confluence of Mormonism, Hmong culture, and the human condition. Here on michaelandrewellis.com, I write about Mormon arts and letters, Hmong history and culture, classic and contemporary literature, existentialism, and my journey as a writer.

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