Tornadoes, Cops, Heat, and Humidity

Featured Photo: Picnic Visiting Teaching at the Arboretum.

From Elder Ellis (email dated 6/20/2016):

Hello everyone! It’s finally summer, today is the summer solstice and it’s the longest day of the year, also I can feel Summer’s heat because of the humidity. Ugh, it’s so muggy. It’s basically a melting pot…of humidity. The sad thing is, I thought Utah had extreme weather, NOPE! Anyways, enough rambling about the weather, let’s get started with how the week went, shall we?

We turn around here, or is that a name?

We’ve had many mighty miracles this week. It’s been fantastic! Where to begin? Hm… This past week we went with Pamela and her visiting teaching companion to visit teach someone in the Ward, but instead of going to that person’s house, we went to the Arboretum and had a picnic! We were invited to go and it was wonderful! We had a really good…salad. Now, I’m not a big rabbit food—I mean, salad kind of person, but this salad was really good. It was just delicious! It may also be because I might have drowned it in the dressing, but minor details. 😉 Pamela is doing great though! She wants to do family history and go to the temple for baptisms! It’s so good to see her continue to progress. 🙂

We met with D___ this past week. He’s doing pretty good. We visited him this past week and he very kindly welcomed us in. We talked about a baptism date. He stopped us and said, “Elders, I just feel this sense of urgency this time. I know that this is something I have to do. Can we reschedule the baptism date?” We were floored. We rescheduled the baptism for July 9th! He also asked us to text him three scriptures a day to read so he can be on top of his scripture reading. We are so excited for him!

A little drywall repair service

We met with D___n again this past week. We were at a park talking and he was taking pictures of the approaching storm (It was thunderstorming a lot this past week). This older Russian guy came over and started talking to us and saying how we looked suspicious and this, that, and the other. D___n turns back around and told him that we are in a public place and we aren’t doing anything wrong, if he felt offended by what we were doing, he could call the cops, swat, FBI, fireman, whoever he wants. We were both kind of like, “Um…why don’t we just not say anything and keep learning about Jesus?” Well 15 minutes later the cops show up. D___n looks over, “No worries guys, I’ll do all the talking.” We looked at each other thinking, “Um, is that a good idea?” Turns out the cop was a super nice guy and was just asking us what we were doing. We weren’t scared at all, because we weren’t doing anything wrong, but still, when a cop walks up to you with guns and tasers and pepper spray and stuff, it’s still a little nerve wracking. Just sayin’. But he was nice and talked to us for a bit. We should have given him a Book of Mormon, to be honest. He left and we got to continue with our lesson, so nothing happened Mom, we’re okay. Other than that though, D___n is doing good! Check off “get someone to call the cops on you when you’re doing nothing wrong” off my list of things I never thought would happen on my mission.

We also got to teach M___ a couple times this past week. She’s doing so good. She knows that she needs to do certain things to grow and increase her faith. We read scriptures with her and prayed with her. She prayed for us and it was one of the sweetest prayers ever. She has such a desire to learn more and progress. She’s wonderful.

Teaching a prospective Brother Ant

We also got to meet with our friends the R___s. The R___s are an older couple that we contacted one day. They are very kind and have a lot of questions to ask about our church. They have pretty good potential. We will meet with them more next week. Hopefully they will come to church this next week!

So it’s been a pretty crazy week. Cops, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. OH! Yeah, so Chaska was in a Tornado watch on Tuesday. There was a tornado south of us. It wasn’t big, but it was still a tornado. It petered out by the time it got anywhere near us, but the sky was super dark and the rain was pouring. With humidity and heat you get tornadoes, and nightly thunderstorms. Last night, there was a huge lightning storm and this morning, it’s like nothing happened. Crazy.

Lightning! So cool!

Anyway, I love being on a mission. Nothing is greater! Yesterday was Father’s Day and it made me not only miss my dad, but also realize how much he’s done for me. Thank you dad for all that you do! I love you and can’t wait to come spend some time with you again! 🙂

This week has been great, I hope you all have a wonderful week coming up. Thank you for all your love and support! Love you!


Elder Ellis


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