Another One Bites the Curb!

Featured Photo: Preaching about Living Water!

From Elder Ellis (email dated 6/27/2016):

So this week was an interesting one. As for the title, I’ll jump right into the story so that you don’t have to worry any longer (mom) ;).

Peace out!

I was happily biking one day, Thursday it was. I biked from our apartment to the street outside. I biked out like ten feet from the garage and came right up next to the curb on the other side of the street. I looked down and noticed the curb looked awfully close. I thought, I really shouldn’t go so close to the curb, I might fa– Kerpshkershh! I fell right off my bike into the grass on the sidewalk, did a triple barrel roll, and landed on my side. I sat up and looked at Elder Wilson who was trying not to laugh. I said, “Well that happened.” I got up and couldn’t even lift my bike, my wrists hurt so much. Doctors report a couple days later: I sprained both wrists. A few hours later, just to put a cherry on top of my Thursday, we were knocking doors in a trailer park. We got up to this one door, I was tired, sore, hungry, and ready to go to bed and start a new day. I saw something land on my shoulder and freaked out (thinking it was a bug). It didn’t come off however. I looked and a bird decided to take a dump on my shoulder. Elder Wilson, again trying to hold back the laughter, told me it was bird poop. I looked at it, sighed, and said, “I’m done with today.” I thought about it and realized it was like a cartoon. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, and to top it all off I got pooped on by a bird. I pulled my bike up, looked up, and laughed. I couldn’t help but to laugh. Sure, things went wrong that day, but it made for good experiences and good stories. Sometimes I think that’s what we should be thinking when we are having a crappy (no pun intended) day. We just need to look up and laugh! Someday our bad days will be looked back upon and we can laugh about it. “Laugh about the past and dream about the future,” says Sister Rosemary M. Wixom. So my Thursday may have been a painful one, but it made for funny stories to tell. 🙂 So will all those bad days you’re going through. Just give it some time. Keep pressing forward! 🙂

Yeah, bird poop happens.

Well, let’s get on with the rest of the week too! Pamela has been a superstar this week. I’m just so impressed with her and so proud of her for all the things she’s done and how far she’s come. Pamela’s mother passed away this past week. Her mom was a strong person, and almost made it to her 80th birthday, but was short by a month. Pamela was able to help her mom all weekend. She knew her mom was passing away and was able to spend the last night with her mom. She talked about the afterlife with her and all the wonderful things she’ll get to do when Jesus comes again. She talked about the Spirit World and the Plan of Salvation. Her mother passed away the following morning, shortly after Pamela finished telling her all the great things about our church’s beliefs. Of course Pamela was sad, but when we visited with her on Saturday, she couldn’t have been happier. She talked with us and said, “It was hard, but now I can do my mom’s work in the Temple! I can get my parents sealed together and they can partake of the same blessings like me!” It was so wonderful to see how far she’s come and what she wants to do for her mom and her dad. I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to have taught her and helped her get this far. I’m also so grateful for the gospel. It’s so wonderful and it works!!! So Pamela is doing great!

Just married! Sharing happiness!

As for other news, We met with C___ this past week, twice! We had a good lesson with her on Tuesday morning, the usual weekly meeting. She asked a lot of really good questions that we were able to answer. The best part of the meeting was that she was the oldest person there. It was her, Alyssa Lyman (19), Elder Wilson (20), and I (20). C___ is 25, so we were all younger than her. It was a powerful lesson though. Miracle with her happened just yesterday actually. Elder Wilson and I had gone on splits with a couple youth in the Ward. I went with Ethan Torbenson to Excelsior and Elder Wilson went with Taylor Hardy and stayed in Chaska. While we were working, Alyssa called us. I answered and she talked about how C___ loved church (she went to the YSA Ward with Alyssa) and how much church applied to her. Alyssa then mentioned that C___ wanted to go to the Mission President’s fireside. This fireside only happens once a month and you can only go if you bring an investigator! We had decided this month we wouldn’t go, because we forgot to tell anyone about it. Our plans for Sunday evening were going to be working up in Excelsior, but I was already working in Excelsior with Ethan. So we talked with Alyssa about having her and C___ drive us to the fireside with them! We got Alyssa, C___, and Tyler Rowberry to drive us to the president’s fireside and the spirit was sooooooo strong there! 🙂 It was so awesome, C___ needed it, and we got to go to the president’s fireside. Things work out, God is in charge, and the Church is true, what else can I say?

Temple trip!

Well, there is still a little more to my week, sorry for the long novel of things to talk about. There’s just so much good to talk about! 😀 M___ and her kids came to church this week! It was a miracle they came to church too. M___ liked the church, she wishes it was more reverent. But #cryingchildren. She’s doing quite well and hopefully we’ll be able to set a baptismal date with her soon. Speaking of baptismal dates, Elder Adamson and I went on exchanges this week and we were able to visit with our friend B___. He’s been a LONG time investigator. We talked with him and got bold. We basically told him to prepare for baptism and set a day. We set a baptismal date with him for August 27th!!! It’s amazing how the spirit works. He said, “I just feel like someone is hugging me, and I don’t ever want to let go.” It was so good.

Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to the temple. It was a great experience. I’m grateful for the temple. I’m also grateful to Christy. She took a lot of time to get us to the temple. It was a really fun day and we had lunch and ice cream. It was such a good experience!

That’s about it for this week. I don’t want to hurt your eyes any more than I already have. This week was a week of miracles. I’m still alive and kicking, so it’s been a great week! Remember to always smile and laugh about your down in the dumps days. Thank you for all your support and love! I hope you all have a great week! Love you!


Elder Ellis


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