Summer Is Here! Kind of.

Featured Photo: The tree outside our window on May 21st. So green!

From Elder Ellis:

Hey everyone! This week has been so awesome! There is a lot that has gone on and I want to tell you it all! So let’s get started!

The same tree on April 17! It’s a lot greener now!

Man, so last Monday we spent time at the Hicken’s house playing sports and making jam. I got stuck with the making jam part. So I was basically a part of a strawberry jam sorority on Monday. #missionlife

P___ is doing great! This week was supposed to be her baptism, but she has postponed it to June 11th. Transfers are on June 1st, so we’ll see if I get to stick around for her baptism. I hope I do!! We had some really awesome lessons with her this week though. We had a lesson with her on Wednesday. I was on exchanges with Elder Adamson and we had Sister Peel, the Relief Society president, and her daughter there with us. It was a great lesson! P___ hasn’t been sleeping very well for the past few nights. We talked to her about ways that she could “de-stress” and get more sleep. We came to the conclusion of using essential oils. We also happen to have an essential oils guru in our Ward: SISTER AMANDA KACUBA!! How cool is that?? So we invited P___, Sister Erickson, and Amanda over for a lesson on essential oils and the Spirit. IT WAS SOOOOOO AWESOME!! Amanda has grown so much since her baptism, it’s so great! To hear her side of the story as well was hilarious. She was freaked out when Elder Abbot and Elder Morgan invited them to be baptized in the first lesson. It was so funny to hear her side of the story.

We also got to visit with P___ yesterday and find out how she is doing with the essential oils. She is doing awesome. She has been sleeping better, but she is excited to use more of the oils and sleep better and work harder. I can’t wait to see how far she will progress. Every time we talk she always says, “I will be proud to be called a Mormon.” She’s also currently working on having us meet her daughter too. Haha, she’s awesome!

Curling! It’s a sport. Big deal up here. Fun to watch.

D___ B___ came to church on Sunday too. He’s doing better. He is basically a dry Mormon and pretty much accepts the fact that he needs to be baptized. He is getting ready to be baptized and is pretty excited.

On Wednesday night, we also got into see a part-member family. They are awesome. We are trying to work with their son, A___, who is 10 but not baptized yet. He’s a cool kid and loves to talk with us. We went to one of his soccer games this past week as well. Just to support him. While we were there, Sister Alldredge approached us! Her husband is the first counselor in the bishopric! She recognized us (it’s not too hard to spot two guys in white shirts and ties and slacks on a Saturday afternoon in a soccer field) and talked to us. We introduced her to the I___ family and found out her son was on the opposing soccer team. So we were cheering for both teams! Haha! It was nice to have the I___ family get to know someone else in the Ward. They don’t really know too many people.

Best photo ever!

We were also able to contact a referral we got from Sister Mansell from the Waconia Ward. We visited the referral and she is basically a golden investigator, but she just doesn’t know it yet. She claims herself to be “atheist/agnostic” but she wanted to pray with us and for us. It was pretty cool. She’s got a lot of potential. We have a meeting with her on Wednesday, so we look forward to that!

We’ve done a lot of “ward list contacting” this week. It’s where we look at the Ward list and find people who the Ward council wants us to visit, or people we don’t know and so we go visit them! We went to Brandondale on Saturday. Brandondale is a trailer park and we biked to it. Let’s just say…Brandondale IS a hill. It’s not on a hill. It is the hill. Ugh. My legs still hurt. Anyway, as we were “biking” up this hill (I was mainly walking my bike up the hill), we were stopped by this woman. We both recognized her. She was a member! She’s less active, but we’ve been trying to get a hold of her for a long time. She looked flustered and lost. We talked to her for a little and helped her. We shared a message with her and she pretty much begged us to come over the next day (Sunday) to visit with her. So after we departed we put it into our plans to stop by and visit with her.

Arthur and I are buddies!

We brought Taylor Hardy with us and tried to visit her the next day. She wasn’t home, which was unusual. Many signs told us she was home. We’ll have to track her down another day. Anyway, it was cool to go out with Taylor because he is preparing to serve his mission soon too.

Random side note: We totally talked to some Buddhist monks last night. They were pretty chill. It’s just not something you really see everyday especially in Chaska. Haha.

So that’s my not-so-short synopsis for this week. It’s been crazy and wonderful all in one. I’m so glad to be on my mission. Mission life is awesome! Thank you all for your love and support! Have a wonderful week!


Elder Ellis


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