Crazy Miracles, Lovely Miracles!

Featured Photo: At the Hardys on Mother’s Day…. They rock!

From Elder Ellis (sorry, a week behind again):

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a whole week already. To be honest, I can’t believe Mother’s Day was yesterday, so I was able to FaceTime my family. It was good. I miss my family. 🙂 I love my family. 🙂

FaceTiming with my fam!

Anyway, on to the miracles of this week! It’s been such a good week! So let’s get started!

Last Monday, we had a good P-day, we played tennis with the Waconia Elders. It was such a beautiful day. Perfect for tennis. The miracle of the day was our dinner appointment. We had an appointment with her, but because of the rule of three, we needed another man or two sisters with us. Only problem…it was Monday night and everybody we know of had FHE that night. So we were able to get one joint teacher to come with us. It was Brother Brady, and he is a BOSS! It was a great lesson!

The Kacuba’s are over in Idaho right now, but I’m sure they found a good church to go to. They will be back in Minnesota next week, so I’m excited to see them again!

P___ is still doing good. She has pushed her baptismal date back to May 28th. She is doing great! I’m so excited to help her and to work with her.

We’ve seen a variety of miracles this week too. On Saturday, we went and did a lot of contacting. We had a mini-miracle that day too. Elder Wilson and I ended up tracting into a lot of Lutheran people. We realized that we don’t know too much about the Lutheran faith. Later that day we ended up tracting into a Senior Pastor of a Lutheran church. What are the odds?? We were able to learn a little more about the Lutheran faith and teach him about our church. It was great!

Purple Tears for Prince

Saturday was a good day of miracles all in all. We went to teach our investigator B___, but he wasn’t home. We started walking around his neighborhood and ended up talking to a lady named M___. She is a sweet lady and loved talking about religions. She was excited to talk to us and even accepted another lesson with us! We are excited to teach her some more. After our lesson with her we went back to visit B___ and HE WAS HOME! 😀 So we taught him too! Saturday was a miraculous day!

Sunday was great! We went to church, had a good Mother’s Day experience. The Hardy’s had us over for dinner. I really love that family. Bishop Hardy is a great man and his family is awesome. His son T___ is preparing to go on a mission. He will get his call soon. He reminds me of my cousin, Jarek, actually. I also got to talk to my family! It’s been so great to talk to them! 🙂 I miss them and love them! It’s weird to think, but the next time I FaceTime home, will be my last. And Jarek will be home. He’s not supposed to do that…Ah, too far ahead.

Visit with Eden Prairie members!

Friday was a good day too! (I’m not doing very good at chronologically telling you stories.) We were mowing one of our member’s lawn for them and we got a text. It was from Pam, from the Eden Prairie Ward! I got to teach her for a little while when I was in Bloomington. She and Mike wanted to take us out to dinner, it was great! I got to see them again and catch up! After that we visited a referral we got a while ago. We finally got to visit with him! He was super open and wanted us to keep teaching him. His name is Ch___. He’s a pretty cool guy. He has a love of potential to progress, so we look forward to working with him too!

Lake Minnetonka

Man, the other miracle that happened this week is the amount of part-member families we got to see this week. We had dinner with one of them, the L___s. They are so cool and super open for us to teach. Brother L___ is a super good piano player. It’s going to be awesome to teach them!

Well there’s a lot of miracles going on this week. It’s been great! I’m so glad I’m on a mission and can’t wait to see more miracles happen! Thanks for all the support and love from you all! Love you!


Elder Ellis


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