The Sweetest Family Ever!

Featured Photo: The Kacuba Family

From Elder Ellis:

I can’t believe it’s been another week! This past week has gone by so fast, and there is a lot to tell you all about, so let’s get started! 🙂

First things first! THE KACUBAS GOT BAPTIZED! Man, they are the sweetest family ever. They even bought Elder Morgan and I some ties to thank us for our service and efforts to help them. They are the most amazing people ever. The baptismal service went amazingly well. P___ came and she loved the service. She was super touched by the service and can’t wait for her baptism in a couple of weeks! I’m so excited for the Kacubas to continue to keep growing and doing better. Sister Kacuba went visiting-teaching this past week and she did awesome! I’m so happy for them! 😀

What an awesome couple!

P___ is doing good as well. Funny story, so we had a dinner appointment with P___ on Thursday. We tried to get two sisters over (as per rule of three). We were able to get one sister to join us, but the other one didn’t show up. So we called brother Lyman, our ward mission leader, to come help us really fast. He showed up for dinner and then the second sister showed up a little later! So we had three powerhouse members at that lesson. It was AWESOME! P___ is doing great and we have a dinner with her later tonight. I’m so excited for her!

This week we had mission conference. It was great. Elder Larry R. Lawrence came and instructed us. We have been tasked with getting 100 new date sets (people who have agreed to baptism on a specific date) in the month of May. So far as a mission, we have 56 new date sets. We are on fire! 🙂 We received a lot of good instruction and I got to see a few of my previous companions. It was great!

All aboard the Celestial Express!

Other news, we were able to commit another investigator named D___ to baptism on June 4th! I’m excited for that. He has encountered missionaries before and enjoys our church. He claims to be a “dry” Mormon. So all we need to do is baptize him! 🙂

We were also able to teach another investigator named M___. She’s a member referral from the Lyman’s. She is very open and accepting of our beliefs. She likes a lot of our beliefs. She is a sweet, sweet lady.

This week I was also able to get my glasses, finally. Although, they are too big and I have to push them back into place every time I look down. I guess I need to look up more. Hahaha. But I look pretty hipster in my glasses. 😉 I realize how bad my left eye really is, so it’s a good thing I got glasses.

My new look!

So that’s really all for this week. It’s been a fantastic week and I’m so happy to see the Kacubas get baptized and confirmed. It was a wonderful service and the spirit was so powerful. I know that God loves all his children! Thank you for all your support and love to me! Have a great week!


Elder Ellis


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