There Can Be Miracles!

Featured Photo: Elders Ellis and Wilson raring to go!

From Elder Ellis:

Hey everyone! It’s a new week already! How fast this past week has been! At the same time I can’t believe how long this past week has been too. Anyway, let’s get talking about this past week, because we’ve had a ton of miracles!

We are the champions! (Yes, that’s an Olympic torch.)

So this week was transfers. Elder Morgan has left me to go be a Zone Leader in Lakeville. Elder Lao didn’t come here, because he’s a Zone Leader in Frogtown. As for me, I got a brand new missionary to train how to become a missionary! I have a son! It’s Elder Wilson! He’s from Ogden, Utah, and he has a thing for being outdoors. This new Elder has a fire burning inside him and he wants to find people to teach! It’s awesome!

So this past week we’ve had miracles. Call it greenie faith or what, miracles happened. First one, we tried to visit a less active member up in Chanhassen (Yes, the town of Prince fame). She was busy so she couldn’t talk to us. So we headed back to the car and Elder Wilson points at someone across the street and says, “Let’s talk to her.“ So we went and talked to her. We shared a little bit about the gospel and shared a card with her. She responded well and said, ”Oh you’re Mormon? I have a friend in Chaska who is a Mormon. She has five kids and her name is Jessica Alldredge.” I was floored. She is the wife of the first counselor in our bishopric. Like, of all the people we could have contacted, we contacted someone who knew Sister Alldredge. What are the odds?

We drove by Prince’s memorial service several times. RIP.

The K___’s are doing well. This week we didn’t get an opportunity to teach them because J___ was traveling in New York. They did however come to stake conference and got interviewed for baptism! They passed and are ready for baptism next week! Woot! They are awesome. Next week we’ll have some pictures of their baptism! I’m so excited for them! They are going to do great things!

Our tree is greener and greener!

We got to have dinner with P___ this week too. She signed up for us to come over for dinner multiple times this week because she wants to learn more from us. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it. It was also Elder Wilson’s first lesson in field. It was great! She is ready to learn from us and get baptized on May 14th! Woot! She is doing great though. We are excited for her and hope to see her progress too.

We’ve had some pretty interesting miracles this week too. We visited a referral last night from Sister Lyman. Brother Lyman is the ward mission leader. She told us to go visit a family friend. This referral’s name is M___. Her son passed away recently and Sister Lyman told us to visit her. She let us in and we talked to her about God and the Plan of Salvation. She told us she was feeling lost and wanted to find the truth. She is a sweet old lady and has a lot of potential. We were able to set a return appointment and we are going back to see her next week.

Look what I found, [Elder] Sam Lor!
Another amazing miracle we had just happened yesterday. We were planning on going to the mission president’s fireside, but Jo___ and N___ both cancelled on us. So we couldn’t go to the event. So we tried to visit a few people. No one was home. So we went tracting down the street. We knocked and knocked, and we knocked some more. No one was really interested. We knocked on this one house and this woman opens the door. She told us they were having a Bible study class and they just finished up. They invited us in to have some cake and discuss about the Bible. They obviously knew we were Mormons because we are both from Utah, have white shirts and ties, and had black name tags. They asked us questions about our religion and us in general. They were super nice people. They also offered us decaf coffee. Hahaha. We ate some cake and it was good. It was a great experience. We taught them a good portion about the Book of Mormon, and faith and repentance. It was good. They invited us to visit their church. Haha.

We also had stake conference this weekend. Elder Larry R. Lawrence came and spoke to us at the stake conference. It was amazing. The spirit was there and the conference talked a lot about helping those less active members of our wards and stakes. I was able to see a lot of people I served around in the Bloomington Ward. It was awesome! People are doing good and surviving. They remembered me too! It was great!

Small world! Sorella Lucia Montagnoli’s old companion!

So that’s about it for this week. Miracles happened and lessons were taught! Being a missionary is awesome! I love being a missionary! It’s the best thing in the world! Thank you for all the support and love! Take care! Love you all! 🙂


Elder Ellis


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