It’s a Zoo Out Here!

Featured Photo: Temple Trip!

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone! It’s been another great week here in Minnesnowta. Yes, Minnesnowta, because it snowed this week. Surprise! On Friday it was bipolar and crazy. It was sunny for five minutes, then it snowed, then it was sunny, then it was a blizzard. It’s crazy. Haha, but this week has been a great week, so let’s get started on explaining! Because there is a lot of stuff!

So to begin with my week, I’ll have to go back to last Monday. We taught our amazing family who wants to be baptized on April 30th! The K___ family! They are amazing! They invited us over for dinner and we were able to teach them a lesson. We went into this lesson planning to teach them only a little bit about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Once we finished that, J___ sat up and got all executive with us. He said, “Great Elders, I love it. Now, what do my wife and I have to do to get baptized on April 30th?” So we read them the baptismal interview questions. Naturally, questions arose. He asked us questions about Tithing, the Law of Chastity, and the Word of Wisdom. We were able to teach them all three of those big lessons in one hour! It was so awesome! They are so prepared and ready for baptism, it’s amazing!

We love our giraffes!

We’ve had a lot of miracles this week. On Wednesday, we got the opportunity to go to the temple too. After the temple trip, we went to the Como zoo. (Just a piece of advice, don’t go to the zoo if it’s cold, windy, and rainy outside. In my defense, the other district wanted to go so badly that we went with them. Because we all carpooled in one huge giant Vanimal.) All the animals were kind of sad looking because they were all inside. But we made the best out of a cold situation. It was still fun to go! We saw a lot of animals and had some fun!

The Vanimal packed!

Thursday was amazing! We went and did service at Feed My Starving Children. Then afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat lunch. There they have the Blazin’ Challenge Wings. It’s their hottest wings in their hottest wing sauce at the hottest temperature that is FDA approved. It’s like walking on hot coals, except you eat them instead. Okay, I may be over exaggerating, but it was hot! You have to eat 12 wings in under 6 minutes to complete it. And guess who completed the challenge? NOT ME. Sister Turner! She was so awesome and she completed the challenge in 5:23. She made it look easy. I wish I had it on video, but sister Turner had strict regulations on who filmed it and where it goes. I mean she goes home in a week and a half, but still. She will go down in history as one of the first sisters to complete this blazin’ challenge. (#op #shesaboss.) Fun fact: this sister Turner is related to my friend Taylie Turner from high school. The world is so small.

Arf! Arf!

Later that night is when a cooler miracle happened. We were driving around looking for people to stop by. Long story short, we needed a drill to take out this pull-up bar in our apartment. We tried calling some members of our ward, but no one answered. So I got this great idea to visit this part-member family we were close by and ask them for a drill. Great idea because 1) we could teach them and 2) if we got a drill, it would force them to meet with us again at some point in the future, because we have to return the drill! Good missionaries are smart missionaries. 😉 So we successfully did it! We taught them really quick and borrowed a drill from them! Now we have to give the drill back and get a return appointment. #drillskills

Best photobomb!

Saturday was a fun day. We had a mix up with some member dinners and ended up having two dinners in one night, back to back. Too much food. #firstworldproblems. It was funny, we were at a loss of what to do in the afternoon. So we had a deck of Uno cards. Each color was assigned to be an activity we would do that afternoon. We drew cards and whatever order of cards we drew would be the order of activities we would do. It was a creative way to plan, and it worked! 😛

Sunday was amazing! Oh my, just amazing. We spent most of the day up in Excelsior, which is the northernmost part of our area. We set up some solid return appointments with people and even visited a part-member family we’ve been trying to visit. It was great. Then dinner happened. Bishop Hardy had us and the K___ family over for dinner. IT WAS THE BEST EVER! We had Cafe Rio-style burritos/salads. After a day of fasting, it was the It was like I took a bite of heaven. Because in Minnesota they have no Cafe Rio or Costa Vida! 😦 The closest thing is Qdoba, which isn’t even close. Anyway, Sister Hardy makes so, the-bomb sweet pork. It was amazing. What was even better than the meal (which is pretty hard to beat) was the conversation and lesson we had with the K___’s and the Hardy’s. We had a great conversation that was basically as if they were already members. We taught them about being a child of God, and we even sang with them the song, “I’m a Child of God.” It was awesome! Bishop Hardy gets stuff done!

Elder Morgan, the Crooner!

This week, we get the opportunity to go to the twins game! Woot woot! This Thursday we will get to go! I’m excited. It’ll be my second one. I believe it is the home opener for the season. Twins vs. White Sox. Should be fun!

Thank you for all the love and support! Take care this week! Love you all!


Elder Ellis


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