Crumby Cakes and Spiritual Feast!

Featured Photo: JoEllen’s Baptism: L2R Elder Ellis, JoEllen, Christy, Elder Morgan

From Elder Ellis:

Hey all! It’s been another wonderful week! Conference was this past weekend and it was amazing! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to listen to the prophet and apostles teach me! So many good things happened this week, so let’s get started on explaining them!

First things first, JoEllen got baptized! We had the service on Saturday just before the Saturday morning session of conference. She had a rough week, but was able to make it to her baptism! It was a wonderful service. Elder Morgan and I even sang! The spirit was so strong there and it was wonderful. What a great way to start out conference weekend!

Having fun between GC sessions!

Before I give my thoughts on conference, I have to tell you about our miracle of a person. P___. We taught her last Monday night. It was an amazing lesson! She basically told us her life story and how she’s just looking for a church that practices what they preach, loves God, loves everyone and cares for them, and has opportunities to serve. We basically told her, “Yeah this is the church for you.” She accepted the invite to be baptized and wanted to come to general conference too. She’s been reading the Book of Mormon AND SHE CAME TO GENERAL CONFERENCE! We watched it with the Lyman’s and she joined us. She came to the Saturday afternoon session and loved it. Elder Bednar also talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost. Perfect. We invited her to watch the Sunday sessions with us too. She texted us after the Sunday morning session and told us she enjoyed the Sunday morning session and is very blessed to have met us. SHE WATCHED IT ON HER OWN AND LOVED IT! She’s amazing! We are teaching her later today as well. We are so excited to help he come closer to Christ. She’s basically a member already too, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Our waiter was tall! He’s on his knees!

Conference was amazing though. I felt so much love from my Heavenly Father during this April conference. One of many underlying themes this year was that we are children of God and that he loves us. I’m so grateful for this knowledge and will do all I can to share it with the world! My favorite talk was probably President Uchtdorf’s talk in the Sunday morning session, Elder Hallstrom’s talk from the Saturday morning session, or Elder Mervyn B. Arnold’s talk from the Saturday afternoon session. All really great talks. Everyone gave wonderful talks, these ones just stood out to me. They express such love and confidence that God has in me as a servant of Him. I loved conference!

The Crumby Cake! It tasted good!

On Thursday, I helped Christy. Well, kind of. She wanted this really awesome chocolate peanut butter cake, so I made it for her! It was delicious, except it was supposed to be made in a bundt cake pan and she only had an angel food cake pan. Also, I had Christy pull the cake out of the oven and on the plate. It crumbled and fell apart. It still tasted good, just presentation lacked. We all had a good laugh about it though.

Golfing on P-day! Yeah!

I think that’s it for the week though! It’s been a mellow week as conference has come and gone. I’m grateful for all the many things I’ve been able to accomplish this past week! Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!


Elder Ellis


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