A Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Victory!

Featured Photo: Taking a Rest from Biking

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone! Man, it’s already been a week? Time goes by all too fast. I hope everyone had a great Easter! I’m so grateful for Christ and his Atonement and his Resurrection. It’s been great to share that with everyone I met this past few days. Well, let’s get started on how great this past week has been in more detail!

Easter Tie!

So I think one of the biggest things that happened this week was with J___! She got interviewed for baptism and is ready to go! She’s doing awesome! She really wants to get baptized and is ready for the commitment. Funny story, we helped her plan out her baptism. We asked her what hymns she wanted us to sing. She started listing off songs that Johnny cash sang and some hymns that definitely weren’t in our hymn book. She’s awesome though. We are so excited for her.

I think I’ll grow one in a year or so.

On Tuesday, I had to get my eyes checked. Well, guess what? I need glasses. Woot! They had to dilate my eyes. I could not read anything that was right in front of me and it was super bright. And the elder I was with (we were on exchanges), couldn’t drive. So I drove with dilated eyes. #Rebel. (I had these weird sunglasses that made me look super Asian so don’t worry I was safe…mostly.) Anyway, miracle that I’m alive, but not the real miracle I was going to say. We got a referral that morning. THREE times, in fact. We got it twice from a text message sort of thing and then our bishop told us about her too. After I got my eyes checked, we decided to visit her. We knocked on her door and she said, “Whoa, you guys got here fast!” She didn’t have a ton of time to talk, so we really quickly did a doorstep-Resto and set a return appointment for tonight! She’s pretty solid and has met a ton of LDS members and even has some in her family! So we look forward to teaching her.

We got in to see some families that we’ve been trying to meet with for a long time. The ward doesn’t really know them very well either, so it was really nice that we were able to get in and visit them.

Walking in the rain. Love it!

So we’re coming up on the end of the month, and the assistants decide to tell us now that they cut our miles back by 100 miles. Great! So we had to bike all weekend. I never knew how hilly Chaska was until I biked it. I almost fell over this morning because my legs hurt so much. Oh, and it rained on us yesterday too. We didn’t plan on rain because it was good weather when we started biking, then it poured on us. Haha, but it was fun. Biking downhill in the rain without a light at night. Dangerous, stupid, but fun! Will I ever do it again? Maybe…at least I had a raincoat on! 🙂

Couple of Easter bunnies.

On Saturday, we helped with the most amazing thing so far. We got to help harvest honey from bees! It was the coolest thing ever! The bees were dead, but basically you have these frames that the bees create their honeycomb on. You have to cut the caps open to get the honey, then you hook the frame up to a drill and spin it so the centrifugal force pulls the honey out of the honeycomb. We even got our own jar of honey! Oh and if the honey doesn’t come spinning out of the honeycomb, we smash it with our hands! Hahaha! It is the strangest feeling, but weirdly relaxing and calming. It was a blast!

Spinning honey!

Final miracle of the week! We went to church and all was great. Je___ and A___ K___ came to church. They are our other progressing investigators. They came up to us and basically told us they were moving to Idaho towards the end of May, and they want to get baptized before then. They even picked out a date. Woot! To put into perspective of how amazing of a miracle this is, I’ll have to tell you more details. I haven’t ever taught the K___ family. The previous missionaries have only taught them two lessons total. They have more interactions with the ward members than we do. They were a member referral. And they set their own baptismal date. How cool?!?! So yeah, I look forward to working with them!

Golden sweetness!

Shout out to Mai! She’s been a member for a month now and I heard that she is now serving as the Young Women’s secretary! I’m so happy for her! I’m so proud of her too! I’m so grateful to have been able to help her come closer to Christ. I’m grateful to have met her too!

Well, that about wraps it up for this week! I love you all!


Elder Ellis


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