Crazy Turn of Events!

Featured Photo: Elder Ellis and Elder Morgan

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone! It’s been a crazy week. Like really, I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy this week has been! But I will tell you how crazy this week has been, because it’s also been a great week! So let’s get started!

Elder Ellis, Elder Thao, and Elder Lao

Tuesday night, I had to drive to Rochester with Elder Lao and Elder Thao. We spent the night there and, on Wednesday morning, another Elder and I headed up to Bloomington. I had a trainers’ meeting at 9:30 am so I had to be there early. Anyway, we no longer have transfer meetings, so it was like, as soon as you get there, find your comp, switch stuff, and get going. Crazy.

Elder Weissinger and Elder Ellis: “Our parents have been waiting for this!”

Well, I met a lot of people I missed, so I say hi to them and found my new companion, Elder Abbott. He’s pretty awesome! He’s a Visa/Health waiter for his real mission in Russia. So he spent nine weeks in the MTC learning Russian. He has some health problems, and so he had to stay in the States to get healthy first. He’s from Idaho!

Elder Ellis and Elder Abbott

After transfer meeting, we had a couple good lessons with some of our progressing investigators. One is named J___1. She’s getting baptized on March 19th! So it’s up to us to keep her progressing. She’s pretty cool!

I also got to meet Christy. Oh man, Christy, she’s amazing! She’s like every missionaries’ momma. She the sweetest momma ever. She takes care of us so much! She’s a convert of about a year now. She’s so funny and just loves all missionaries.

After a couple of days, I guess on Friday, Elder Abbott wasn’t feeling to well at all. He called president Forbes and went home due to medical reasons. My only step son. It’s okay, as he heals he will probably go straight out to the Baltic mission. That’s exciting! But it left me with quite the dilemma. I don’t know the area at all and I don’t know the people. So they brought in Elder Morgan, who was the elder I replaced. Basically this all went down in the span of two days. It was crazy. So I’m no longer a trainer, but I’m still the district leader.

Elder Ellis and Elder Morgan

Church was good yesterday though! J___1 and J___2 came to church. I haven’t met J___2 officially, but he’s a pretty solid investigator. He and his family too! They have a date set for April 9th! We had to do all we can to get them there! I’m so excited!

So this week has been crazy! In the span of seven days. I’ve had four companions, Elder Lao, Elder Thao, Elder Abbott, and Elder Morgan. I’ve known Elder Morgan for a while and I’m excited to serve with him! I’m sad to see Elder Abbott go, but I know he’s needed back home. I also don’t know how long Elder Morgan and I will be together. He may be here only a couple weeks, or for the whole transfer. I guess we’ll find out soon!

Sunrise over Chaska! New day dawning!

Well, thanks for the love and support! I love you all! Sorry this week the email is a little short. I’m writing on my iPad and I’m not used to it. Haha, oh well. Love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Elder Ellis


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