Snow Doesn’t Stop the Miracles!

Featured Photo: The harvest is great! (D&C 4)

From Elder Ellis:

Hey there, everyone! It’s been a whole new week of crazy experiences! I love being on a mission. It’s been wonderful! So let’s get started on the week!

The Jaws of Wisconsin Winter!

So last P-day we got surprised with a call from someone in the ward. She wanted a blessing and she felt super prompted to ask us for a blessing. She lives down in Stoddard (it’s like 10 miles south of La Crosse). Luckily, we had the Sparta Elders with us, so we could have the Rule of Three with us. We headed down there to give her a blessing. As it turns out, she’s NOT a member. She’s not being taught either, but she’s been coming to church for a while now. Her Grandparents were members of the church, but she never was. LONG story short, she wanted a blessing on her home and herself, so we were able to help her out with that. She felt the spirit, we felt the spirit, it was amazing. She talked to her mom and her aunt and they also wanted blessings. So later in the week, we were able to give them blessings too, which the Spirit was super strong in that room also. The priesthood is real and it works wonders. It was fantastic.

Elder Ellis and the Snorlax. Mmm.

On Tuesday, we got snowed in. It was really funny, because on Monday the sun was shining and it was 45 degrees. Then Tuesday, we got eight inches of snow. Oh Wisconsin. So the snow started at about 9am and lasted into the next day too. Our car was grounded, so we weren’t allowed to use it at all. We had a finding activity planned. We were going to contact on the college campus in town, UW-L. We were so determined that we decided to walk to the UW-L. It was about four miles from our apartment, but we knew there was someone to teach there. So we walked. We would have biked, but the last time that I biked in the snow I fell like five times…. This time we walked and I only fell twice! So hah! Much safer right? Anyway, so we walked all the way to campus and started contacting. No one really wanted to talk. No one was really there. They cancelled some afternoon classes, so there wasn’t a ton of people on campus. Still determined to find someone to teach I started making a snowman right in the middle of the campus. I rolled a HUGE snowball and people started noticing. People began to talk to us and ask what we were doing. We were able to talk to people about the gospel. Even just a little, but no one listened. It was kind of a downer. I sat down and asked, “Why didn’t we find anyone to teach? I thought that if we had the faith to find, we would find someone.” Then I realized, we shared the gospel by our examples. I also learned that day that we should never give up hope. There’s always a chance that they will come to a knowledge of the gospel at some point in their life. I realized then that I was the person we were supposed to teach that day at that time in that place. It was weird, but I learned a lot that day about who we really are. It was great! 🙂

University of Wisconsin at La Crosse snowed in!

On Thursday, we sent M___ off to Utah. She was sad to leave and scared too, haha, but she was happy. She left Thursday and got to Utah late Thursday night. I heard she had a lot of fun! On Sunday, she visited my family and they had a blast! I’m glad that she was able to spend some time with them and learn from them too.

Making kapia with Bao for Emmaus’s birthday!

On Saturday, Bao celebrated Emmaus’s birthday! It’s her second birthday and the theme was Elmo/Sesame Street. We helped Bao make all the food and set up all the decorations. We were soooooo tired afterwards. It was good, though, because Bao needed that help and it was great to spend some time with her family and her friends. From that, we got the telephone numbers of two people that might be interested in learning about the gospel in the future, but also two more potential volleyball players!

Say hi, Elmo!

Bao is awesome! We taught her a really good lesson yesterday and we are working with her to get her to go to the temple in March! I’m excited to see her go! It will be great!

The birthday spread…mmm, good!

Well that’s all for this week! Thanks for all your support! I love you all! I miss you all too! Have a wonderful week!


Elder Ellis


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