Best Week Ever! (For Now)

Featured Photo: Brother Ebbert, Elder Yang, Bao’s mom, Emmaus, Ch___, Bao, M___, Elder Ellis

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone! It is Monday again. That went by so fast! Holy cow! To be honest, six weeks have gone by since I got here in La Crosse, so yes. It’s transfers. AH! I’m staying in La Crosse, and Elder Yang is going to Frogtown. Elder Lao will be my new companion!

But enough about that, Let’s get on with what happened this week!

BAO GOT BAPTIZED!! We were so happy for her! We literally saw her every day this week. We partied at her house last Monday, Tuesday we taught her, Wednesday we played volleyball, Thursday we taught her at a member’s home, Friday she invited us over for dinner/lesson/baptism prep, Saturday was her baptism and we had a little get together afterwards, and then we saw her at church on Sunday. It was a great week and it was fun!

Bao and Emmaus

Bao’s baptism was great! She was teary-eyed when she bore her testimony, everything just went well. Her baby Emmaus was so cute the whole time too. K___ came to the baptism, and so did M___ and Ch___, and Bao’s mom! Ah, it was just a really good day! After the baptism, we went to HuHot with K___. Then we met up with Bao and her family at Chuck E. Cheese. Haha. That’s the place to celebrate a baptism. Haha. Bao totally destroyed me at basketball too. Haha. Later that night we also played volleyball with them. It was a great day! So much fun!

At Chuck E. Cheese!

K___ was able to meet with us a few times this week too. We had some good lessons with him. He told us that he might go back to California in February. He invited us over to his house for dinner and a lesson. It’s funny because he texts us and calls us and says, “Hey Elders, so I don’t work Friday night, I want you to come over and teach me that night.” He’s awesome. We invited him to the Taylor’s last night for dinner and a great lesson too! K___ is doing great and says that he wants to be baptized before he leaves to California!


C___ came back from Wausau this week. We were able to teach him and he came to church on Sunday too! He’s doing well. He wants to get baptized too. How soon? He’s not sure yet, and we still need to teach him some stuff.

President Forbes came to give us interviews this past week. It’s great to see them again. I’m so used to just running into them in Bloomington, but not anymore. So it was good to see them again and talk to them about life and the mission.

Final thing that happened this week. We finally got in to teach this family who is basically a Member family…they just don’t know it…yet! They are a close-knit family and they love religion. They go to a Lutheran church, but the wife’s dad was a member of our church! She remembers having missionaries over at her house all the time when she was younger. They don’t want to change their church or religion, but they do want their kids to know about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. It was so cool. They are a sweet family. They basically act as if they were a member family already. They are…yet! 🙂

Still cold! Stay warm!

This week has been a great week! Oh, I also got to eat Cheese Curds for the first time! Actual cheese curds. Wisconsin is famous for them. The test to see if they are “real” cheese curds is to see if they squeak when you bite them. THEY REALLY DO! It tasted good too!

There are so many things that happened and I just can’t remember a lot of them. Haha. Elder Yang and I had some great experiences the past six weeks. I still can’t believe that it’s been six weeks already. I know I say this every transfer, but that went by SO fast! I’m sad Elder Yang is leaving, but he is needed in Frogtown. I can’t wait to see what this next transfer has in store for me!

Hope you all have a great week!


Elder Ellis


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I write literary fiction at the confluence of Mormonism, Hmong culture, and the human condition. Here on, I write about Mormon arts and letters, Hmong history and culture, classic and contemporary literature, existentialism, and my journey as a writer.

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