Miracles Kept Me Warm!

Featured Photo: We found this HUGE snowman someone built. It’s awesome looking! And Huge.

From Elder Ellis:

Hey all! This week has been COLD with a capital COLD. Yesterday the high was…2F, with a wind chill of –25F. It was cold. Haha. There were so many miracles this week that it didn’t even matter! Let’s get started!


So first things first! Best miracle of the whole week. We went and taught B___ on Tuesday. We just randomly stopped by because she didn’t work that night. We didn’t really know what to teach her because she’s already been taught everything. We asked her what she wanted to learn about. She said, “I don’t really know, all my questions got answered when I went to church on Sunday.” So we talked about temples and their importance to us. After the lesson, she looked up and said, “Well, Elders, I think I’m ready…I’m ready to be baptized.” We were stunned, because that came out of no where. We didn’t even mention baptism or anything like unto it. She said that she’s had dreams and just knows that she needs to be baptized now. She told us that she knew we were coming to teach her that day. We guessed and said it was because she didn’t have work, but she said God told her we were coming. She also said that God told her to go to church. She finally decided to take that step! We are so excited for her! She picked out the day too. January 16th! It was amazing!

Later in the week, we visited B___ with Sister Faucheux. Sister Faucheux is literally wonder woman. We texted her because she lives down the street from B___. She texts back and says, “I have a repairman coming over in the morning, but if he’s gone by the time the appointment is, I can come and bring my 2 kids, but I will have to leave by 3 because I need to pick up my other kids from school.” I was floored. She was so insistent on coming and she did. We had a great lesson about faith and enduring to the end. It was so good! Then on Saturday, B___ was interviewed by Elder Lowe and she is all set to get baptized on Saturday the 16th! 😀 She also came to church on Sunday and stayed all three hours and loved it. I’m so happy for her!

It’s huge I tell ya! HUGE!

We also got to teach K___ twice this week. We taught him yesterday about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught him in the Xiong’s home and it was a super powerful lesson. We really highlighted about baptism and he wants to get baptized too! Before February! He’s a super humble guy and he’s the coolest guy ever! He also came to church and loved it. He’s doing super well. He just loves learning from us. The Xiong’s were amazing too. They just love everyone. That lesson was awesome too. It was mainly in Hmong, but, according to Elder Yang, every time I chimed in in English, I was right on track with the lesson and usually said something profound and something that fit perfectly in where we were. That was cool. I guess I’m learning Hmong or something. 😛

The other good highlights this week, well, we met a lot of less active/prospective Elders. We got to see Brother Retzlaff, he’s super cool. We went over to visit him and he told us that his daughters miss us. He hasn’t come to church in a while and he wants to come back. He has two little girls who are five and seven. They love going to church. It’s just hard for him to come when they aren’t with him. Long story. Anyway, we got to hang out with him and help him understand more things about the church. He’s pretty cool!

Brother Retzlaff and his girls!

We went on a blitz-exchange with the Winona Elders. Elder Lowe and I worked in South La Crosse, while Elder Pierson and Elder Yang worked in Onalaska/Holmen. It was great. Elder Lowe and I got to go visit M___ and her family and WE ATE PHO! It was awesome! Elder Lowe also beatboxed for them and THAT was cool. (Video below). It was a good day.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to give a talk. It was great! I used that as a reason for M__ and Ch__ (her boyfriend who is also learning from us) to come to church AND THEY DID! It was great! They will come next week too! It’s great to see them at church!

Final miracle for the week! Remember how a few weeks ago our car was grounded? We couldn’t go out so we biked around and helped a ton of people shovel snow and push their cars out of the snow. Well, we stopped by one of the Hmong families we helped and they are so cool! The daughter (she’s 18 I think) straight up told us that she’s looking for a church. She said that a lot of the other churches she’s been too just didn’t feel right. We had a powerful lesson with her about the Restoration. We handed her a Book of Mormon and she looked at us and said, “Really? This is for me? I get to keep it?” We gave one to her mom too. Her dad is a little anti-Christianity because of a rough past, but still liked us because we helped shovel that one day. It was so cool to feel the spirit that was there in that lesson. It’s indescribable.

That’s really all for this week! It’s been a great week! I love being a missionary! So many good things happen! I’m so happy for B___ too!

It’s still supposed to be quite cold this week. I think the high today is…12F? Well I’m staying warm, so don’t worry! I love you all and thank you so much for all your support! Have a wonderful week!


Elder Ellis


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Michael Andrew Ellis

I write literary fiction at the confluence of Mormonism, Hmong culture, and the human condition. Here on michaelandrewellis.com, I write about Mormon arts and letters, Hmong history and culture, classic and contemporary literature, existentialism, and my journey as a writer.

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