Miracles, Dragon Training, Birthday, and MORE!

Featured Photo: Elder Ellis and Elder Yang loving the snow!

From Elder Ellis:

Man, this past week was sooooooo good. I just…too much to say about it. I love being a missionary. Bottom line. I just love it! So let’s get talking!

This week was a great week. Yesterday was my birthday! It was different. Especially since I wasn’t with my family. It was still great though! I received various texts wishing me a Happy Birthday! Also God gave me the best gifts ever. He loves me so much! B___ came to church, AND SHE LOVED IT! I was so happy to see her come to church and listen with intent to the speakers bearing their testimonies. It was wonderful.

We also taught K___ yesterday. The Xiong’s were supposed to join us, but Brother Xiong was tired and so he canceled. Sister Xiong had the strongest feeling that they should come with us, so she woke her husband up and came with us to visit K___. It was a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation. He is so cool! I love working with K___. He’s the coolest.

Elder Ellis and K___

New Year’s also happened this week. It was fun! On New Year’s Eve, we spent the evening with B___, M___, and B___’s family. We played games, took pictures, drank…sparkling cider. Haha. THAT was funny. B___’s sister brings out like some strawberry champagne and offered it to us, but both M___ and B___ told her we couldn’t drink it. I love it when investigators respect your standards without us having to tell them. 🙂 It was fun!

Hmong Party! Yeah!
Happy New Year!

Later that evening, we had the Sparta Elders and the Winona Elders over at our apartment to sleepover. It was a party! We laid in our beds awake until 12:00am and welcomed in the New Year! #onlykindofapostate The the next morning we went to the church and played board games and sports for the majority of the day. That was our P-day.

Elder Yang and I, though, we got to go to the mall with M___, C___, B___, K___, and B___’s Sister. We had a blast. We just hung out and shopped some sales. They had some good sales. I bought myself a little Christmas/birthday present. It was worth it! We had a lot of fun.

Domos made by B___! Awesome!

So earlier in the week it snowed a bunch on us. President Forbes grounded the cars, it was so bad. We walked to teach our recent convert, Qhua, on Monday. She doesn’t live too far away. The next morning though, President still grounded the cars, so we planned the day for biking…in the snow…. Yeah, that happened. I only fell like…five times? Yeah. I was so sore the next morning. Not just from falling. Haha. We also performed a lot of service! We were able to help three people push their cars out of the snow. We also helped this one Hmong family shovel their driveway. They were super grateful and offered us food and money for helping. We declined, obviously. Haha. It was great though! Later that day President ungrounded the cars and we were able to drive the remainder of the day. It was a good experience though.

Frozen Chosen!

During the week, we were also able to visit Ch___. He’s doing great! We taught him the Word of Wisdom, and he totally agrees with it! He talked to us about how in the Hmong culture, when you get married, you always drink and smoke, no matter what. He told us that we are going to have to change the Hmong culture. He agrees with it 100%. He also told Elder Yang that he wants to be baptized before the end of February, and before Elder Yang leaves. He is so ready, and just the greatest!

Master Dragon Trainer

This week has been awesome! The whole dragon training part of the subject line…so, on New Year’s day Build-a-bear was having a sale, you could build two bears for $35. So I went and built two dragons! Toothless and Stormfly. Obvs not for me tho, I’m going to send them to Jasmine and Kira, so don’t tell them! But they are flippin’ adorable and I love them. Haha, totally worth it! #worth So basically, I’m a dragon trainer. SURPRISE!

I crack myself up!

This week was amazing! I hope you all had a great week too! It’s a new year and it’s going to be a great year! I love you all! Have a fantastic week!


Elder Ellis


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