Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

Featured Photo: The snow is coming! Yeah!

From Elder Ellis (Sorry, a week behind!):

Hello everyone! Since Christmas is on Friday, I’m going to jump right into this email and tell you all about the great week I’ve had!

This week was a great week! We had a baptism! We were able to see Uncle Bob get baptized on Saturday. He’s been meeting with the missionaries for the past two years and finally worked through some issues and was ready to be baptized. It was a long path, but he’s so happy and has the spirit with him always now.

Uncle Bob’s Baptism (Sorry, a little blurry.)
Elder and Sister Graff

So the other big thing that happened this past week was our Zone Christmas Conference! It’s been like a whole week since I’ve seen President and Sister Forbes so it was nice to see them again. I’m used to just casually seeing them in Bloomington, so it was a nice reunion. The whole conference, President Forbes told us that we were going to watch three hours of home videos from the Forbes family. We all thought he was serious. Instead, we watched The Sound of Music. President Forbes was cracking jokes the whole time about how he and Sister Forbes would sing songs. The first song, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?,” he said, “That’s the song we sing before transfers.” He said it so casually and seriously. It was awesome! So much fun. I also remembered a handful of songs from when I was little. It was a funnier movie than I remember. I could also tell every part my dad would cry at. I thought it would end in five different places, but it just kept going. It was a good movie though.

Anytime exercise!
Intense workout!

We did some service this week. And today, that’s why I am emailing later than usual. Service is great! I love serving people. We helped set up a Christmas tree for an addiction recovery home. It was a fun service.

We were able to teach B___ and G__. They are siblings. B___ is cool and G__ plays League of Legends. So far, every other Hmong investigator of mine plays League of Legends. I should have ranked higher so I don’t sound like so much of a noob to them. Hahaha. Anyway, we had a really good lesson with B___ about the Atonement. She felt the spirit and it was way powerful. B___ is doing good, but she just needs to come to church! She’s honest and says that she just doesn’t wake up in time. Haha…#firstworldproblems.

Final awesome event of the week. We had a volleyball night and it was awesome! I’ve never been more sore in my life, but my inner Hmong came out and I laid the smackdown on some other Hmong kids! It was a blast. There was a total of one White person there. It was a combination of Sister Matagi and I. Haha. The rest were Hmong, well and the other half of Sister Matagi is Samoan. It was great though!

That really all for this week. I’m still learning who people are, but it’s fun being out in the mission field. I love it. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and please remember to keep CHRIST in CHRISTMAS. Remember the sacrifice he made for you. Each of us. He knows us and loves us. Each individually. I love you all! Merry Christmas!!

Gifts from our great members!


Elder Ellis


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