La Crosse Welcomes Elder Ellis!

Featured Photo: Elder Ellis and Elder Yang!

From Elder Ellis:

Well everyone, it’s been a hard week, but it’s been a good week. If we didn’t have hard weeks, then we just wouldn’t learn or grow from any of our experiences. So let’s get started on what happened this past week!

So on Monday, I really just packed for P-day. I found out something…I’m a pack rat! I have too many things! I’m impressed with the amount of things I was able to pack and bring with me to La Crosse. I’m also impressed with the amount of things I left back in Bloomington. Haha.

Tuesday, I said goodbye to a lot of people. I went to say goodbye to D___’s family. They are actually from La Crosse, so they may visit sometime soon. D___ wanted us to have a “farewell lunch” with her before I really left. I didn’t get to say goodbye to C___ or S___ because they were at work/school. I’ll see them again. I also said goodbye to Brother and Sister Whitney, the Thompsons, the Kusileks, the Christensens, the Dunkleys, the Jensens, Bishop, Chanthorn’s family, and C___. I said goodbye to a lot of good people. I’ll also have pictures. Lots of pictures! It was sad to leave them. C___ was sad to see me go too. She said, “Well, this new Elder has some big shoes to fill!” I’m going to miss her.

Don’t worry, Mom. D___ fed me well!
Saying goodbye to the Jensens!
Saying Goodbye to Chanthorn’s family. Will miss them so much!

Wednesday, we had our transfer meeting. Sister Matagi followed me out to La Crosse, so I’m in La Crosse with Elder Yang, Sister Matagi, and Sister Xiong. This will be a fun transfer! We didn’t get back to La Crosse until 6:30 pm because we are in the nether regions of the mission. We are almost two and a half hours away. La Crosse is pretty though. On Wednesday night, I met some pretty cool investigators. We have this Hmong family who’s pretty much prepared for baptism, they just need to come to church. They are so knowledgeable about things in the bible. They were basically teaching us about Adam and Eve. It was great! I also got to meet C___ and K___. Both pretty awesome investigators who are totally ready to get baptized.

C___ is a friend of Jennifer Lor, who was baptized about seven months ago. She reminds me of my mom SO much! She’s like the same height and everything! I’ll have to get a picture sometime to show you all. Anyway, K___ is C___’s son-in-law (niece’s husband) and they live together. K___ sees some… interesting things. He claims his apartment is haunted by an evil dragon spirit. (Welcome to Hmong work!) The last time Elder Yang and Elder Vang went over, K___ said that he saw four angels round about them, protecting them. He said the same thing when we went over too. Angels really are watching over us missionaries. Anyway, K___ came to church and he loved it. We had a really good lesson with him on Friday too. He’s got such a good heart and he feels the Spirit. He’s so ready for baptism!

Hmong Soldier

I also got to meet the Xiong family. Such a cool family. They are members and they are pretty much the coolest. They welcomed me and just already were so excited to meet me. Elder Yang and Elder Vang told everyone that I was half Hmong, so everyone wanted to see a picture of my family. I don’t think I’ve ever shown pictures of my family more than this week. All the Hmong people would say, “Oh your sisters are so pretty!” or “You look more Hmong!” or “Aw, you have such a good looking family!” It’s pretty awesome. I even got to show my family to random investigators who just wanted to see a half-Hmong family. Haha.

On Saturday, we had our ward Christmas party. We were able to get B___ and M___ to come. They are a couple of our investigators. They have a lot of potential, they just don’t come to church…so that needs to change. They are fun to be around and talk to. They are so funny too. Haha.

I’ve only just begun my journey here and I feel like I’m welcomed and people already know me. I’m going to make a lot of new friends. It’s going to be an amazing transfer! I’m sad to have left behind Bloomington, but I’ve got new adventures waiting for me. Thank you all for your love and support.

“Once there was a snowman…”
Rotary Lights! So Beautiful!

It’s Christmas soon and I’ll get to Skype home to my family. I’m excited to see Jasmine again, so I’m looking forward to that! Let us keep the true meaning of Christmas though, if you haven’t already done so, check out this website and watch some videos about Christ and Christmas:

It’s worth your time!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Merry Christmas!


Elder Ellis


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I write literary fiction at the confluence of Mormonism, Hmong culture, and the human condition. Here on, I write about Mormon arts and letters, Hmong history and culture, classic and contemporary literature, existentialism, and my journey as a writer.

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