Best Wishes and New Beginnings!

Featured Photo: Elders Ellis and Roberts on Exchanges!

From Elder Ellis:

Well, this week was quite a different and new week. It’s been a crazy little roller coaster of a week, so let’s not waste a moment’s time! 🙂

We’ve had a lot of miracles this past week. We did some service for this elderly woman on Tuesday. We were supposed to rake her leaves, but nature happened and it snowed. Haha. So we shoveled her driveway and organized her garage. It was nice. She was very thankful and gave us hot rolls and hot chocolate. She also offered us hot coffee too, but we politely declined. Haha.

On Wednesday, we were able to go visit a lot of people. We saw Olson, he’s doing great! He’s so kind and friendly to us. We taught this new investigator we found inside Olson’s trailer park. He’s a pretty cool guy. Open to learning more about Christ. So we will go back to him eventually.

We also visited Terri. She’s doing good as well. She hasn’t come to church the past couple weeks because she keeps getting called into work on Sunday’s. She is still making a solid effort to come and she will come to church next week. She loves it when we come over though!

So miracle of the week: We finally got to meet with C___ again. She’s been on and off MIA the past week. We met with her and she’s going through some stuff, but she is just so excited and ready to go. She told us that we are always welcome to come to her home. We told her that we’d still need to bring a member over (for rule of three). She then said, “What if I become a member? Could you come over more often?” She’s excited to learn more. The next day we brought over Roger and Sister Gaffaney and we helped her with some things around her house. It was nice. She’s a really cool, fun loving person who is ready for the gospel.

We're models!
We’re models!

Other miracle of the week(s). This one is a work in progress. Last week on Black Friday, we went to visit a member family. We helped them set up their Christmas tree and had dinner with them. It was a nice meeting. They then told us about this family that lives down the street from them. Asian family. Knows a lot about video games. Possibly Cambodian. They told us that they would check to see. On Friday, this past week they told us that they are a Cambodian family!! Our stake participated in a stake-wide fast for missionary work. We started this fast with this family and ended it with them. After we broke our fast for missionary work, we went over to this Cambodian Family’s home and gave them a Book of Mormon. Brother Thompson introduced us. We invited them to church and the parents agreed to let us bring them to church sometime! It was a great miracle and to see the fruits of our labor so quickly was a miracle.

That’s really all for this week. We’ve done some lost sheep finding and found some. So that was nice. Today we received the transfer sheet. The big news is…I’m getting transferred to La Crosse, WI. I’m going back to the La Crosse area! So far away…I’m so sad to be leaving this area. I’ve loved working here and I’ve grown so much. I wanted to stay here one more transfer!! But I know the Lord needs me in La Crosse. It’s going to be hard parting from the friendships made here. I know that I’m needed in La Crosse. So the remainder of today will be filled with packing, and farewelling.

Next week I’ll be in a new area with a new companion. He’s Hmong! His name is Elder Yang. I think I’m going back into the Hmong work. We’ll see what happens though!

I love you all, thank you all for your support. Oh! and Merry Christmas! It’s that time of the year again! I can’t believe how fast this time is going by!

Have a wonderful week!!


Elder Ellis

The Thompson’s are going home!! 😦 I’ll miss them dearly!!

We’ll miss the Thompsons!

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