It’s December?

Featured Photo: Elder Ellis, Samurai!

From Elder Ellis:

Okay people it’s really time now. It’s December…tomorrow. It snowed today. So I really feel like I’m living in a game of Animal Crossing. As soon as the clock strikes December 1st, there’s snow on the ground. Last night I went to bed with no snow on the ground. I woke up and saw a winter wonderland. It’s magical and wonderful and beautiful and cold…but did I mention it was magical?

My winter wonderland!

Well, enough with the weather forecast, let’s get started on how the week was!

Sister Carlson and the Sister missionaries!

Thanksgiving was this week. That was a highlight. Also, I am going to find some sweatpants that look like suit pants. That way, next year I can look like a missionary, but feel comfortable with eating so much. Haha! We had our first Thanksgiving dinner with the Carlson family. I love Sister Carlson so much. She is the friendliest old lady ever. She is everyone’s Grandma. I love her! She fed all the missionaries and we had a blast! Shortly after that, we were able to go to the Hicken’s home and spent the remainder of the day with the Cambodians. We had a fun party and a lot of people showed up! It was so great! So much food though. Then people just gave us leftovers too! SO MUCH FOOD! It’s a miracle I maintained my current weight.

Such good food!

Last Monday we got a random referral from the Referral Center. It was for someone who just showed up to the Apple Valley ward. I don’t know why we got the referral, but we did. So we met with him. It turns out that he has met with the missionaries before, but he just left for a while. He returned because he felt like he needed to continue to come to church, he also missed “hanging out with the Mormons.” He was pretty cool to talk to. We referred him to the other missionaries though because he’s really not in our area (despite the fact that we don’t really have an area to work in, we just go where Cambodians are).

We also went to knock on this door that Olson, our recent convert, told us to visit. He said there was a Cambodian family that lived there. Well, a white person opened the door. Not really Cambodian. Haha. We still taught him. It was the coolest thing. I just went with it and bore my testimony to him. He listened and was intrigued. He wants to know more and told us to come back after the holidays. That was a miracle!

Pile on Elder Ellis!

We were also able to visit C___ this week a couple times. We were supposed to help her with some things on Friday, but things didn’t work out and she went MIA for a little while. We went to go visit her on Sunday before church, to invite her to church. Her car was there! We knocked on the door, but no one answered. I heard a vacuum cleaner going, so I knew she was home and awake, but she couldn’t hear us. I was determined. Something told me to not give up yet. So I did everything I could. I went around back and found the only window of her entire house that looked into the basement. I was trying to knock on it, but I guess in Minnesota they place the screens six inches away from the glass so you CAN’T knock on the glass. So I waved, tapped the window frame, danced, yelled, and did all manner of things to get her attention. FINALLY SHE LOOKED OVER, after I had made a fool of myself, her poor neighbors…. She thought I was a bunny or a figment of her imagination. Haha. She told us that she’s getting really busy and doesn’t have a ton of time, but we were able to teach her about church. She didn’t make it to church yesterday…That’s okay though! There’s always next week!

We were also able to visit an Om srei that we’ve been trying to teach. Om srei just means Older Aunt. We taught her and her husband. The miracle of it all, there was a Spanish man there. What do two missionaries, one return missionary, two Buddhists, and a fellow Christian have in common? Well, there’s no punchline, but the point is, he actually helped us teach them. He’s a Christian himself and so he brought up some great points about Christ as our savior. It was a good miracle. We were able to go back and teach them yesterday and give them a book of Mormon. It was a great weekend!

Wonderful members!

Final miracle. We finally got to see A___. He is our younger investigator. The last time we were over there he was super tired, not really interested, and really not happy. This time, he perked up, listened, actively participated, and was all around happier. Something happened, and he enjoyed our visit. It was great! Also, his mom made macaroons. HOLY DELICIOUSNESS! Man, that was like a bite of almond goodness that was only found in some cartoon shows, but they were real!

Well, this week was a good week! It’s been a wild ride, but I love it. I can’t believe it’s almost December. Well, it is December already. It’s crazy how fast time is flying by. The snow is here and I’m ready for it. Have a wonderful week! I love you all!


Elder Ellis

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