Elder Ellis Making a Leaf Angel

Leaves Are Falling All Around in Minnesota!

Featured Photo: Elder Ellis making a “leaf angel.”

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone! This week has just flown by. I can’t believe it’s already Monday again, but here we are! So let’s not waste time. Let’s get started!

This week was a good week. It was a busy week too, which is probably why I think it went by rather fast.

I don’t even know where to start. We had a really good lesson with one of our new investigators in Eagen. He is really into arts and things like that. He has been trying to get a new job recently and finally got a job interview. So we told him to try his faith and read the scriptures and come to church, since God has blessed him with this new opportunity. He did read some scriptures, but hasn’t come to church yet, but we won’t give up just yet!

We were able to see Terri this week. She’s doing remarkably well! I love visiting her and her family. She wants to go to the temple and see how pretty it is. She wants to go inside one day. That’s so great! We are preparing her to enter into the temple soon! Her parents are preparing to go back and visit Cambodia soon, so she’s been busy with that this week too.

We also had a wonderful lesson with our new investigator L___. He let us in and we taught him the Restoration. It was such a great lesson. He wasn’t super interested at first, but when we mentioned that our church is just down the street from him (it literally is a two-minute drive from his house), he wanted to learn more. He loved hearing about the restoration and wants to know more. He accepted the Book of Mormon and wants to read more about it. I’m hoping and praying for the Spirit to really touch his heart as he reads the Book of Mormon.

Friday…Oh Friday. Friday was the busiest day ever. I didn’t have a moment to sit and say, “Man, what should we do next?” I had to account with my teams in the district and report that to the Zone leaders. (We just talk about the progress in their areas, investigators, needs, concerns, etc.) So that occupied the morning. After lunch, we were scrambling to get some Joint teachers to come with us to visit C___. We stopped by the previous night and met with her and had a really quick lesson, but we set a return appointment for the following day (Friday), so we could bring a member with us. So much calling, but eventually we were able to get someone to come with us. Roger came with us to visit O___, and he is progressing so well! He loves coming to church and has a true desire to learn more and get baptized. One of the coolest moments was when we first got there, he started asking a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon. I listened and understood a little bit. He started reading in the Book of Mormon and read the story of Lehi’s dream and questioned about it. He said, “It all makes sense! I just want to read more!” He is the sweetest old man ever. He’s also totally ready to be baptized!

Later that day, we visited C___ and taught her the restoration, officially. In all the times we’ve met her and taught her, we still haven’t taught her the whole restoration. She was late to the meeting, but she made it and we had a wonderful lesson! It was awesome! After that, Brother Giraud took us to dinner and shortly after we had English Class with the Cabmodians. It was such a busy day it was amazing!

Helping rake leaves!
Our little helpers!

Saturday was a real highlight too! We had our ward leaf-raking activity. Davin’s family and Moni were able to come! It was awesome! We helped rake leaves around the whole town! It was a lot of fun! I’m still sore in the thighs and butt area because of all the bending down and picking up leaves. After we finished there, Brother Thompson took us to Costco and got us lunch! It was great! It’s the first time I’ve been to Costco on my mission. Ah the memories came floating back. 🙂 Anyway, we then helped him rake up his leaves too! It was a leaf raking day and so much fun!

Selfie with a rake!
Selfie with a rake!

On Sunday, O___ came to church and he loved it! The best part was Moni gave a talk! It was the coolest. Moni wanted to share her talk in Cambodian so Elder Nang translated at the pulpit. It was so cool. Moni told us that she felt a lot like Nephi’s family. Because in Cambodia her family wasn’t rich, but they had a lot. Then when she moved to Thailand, she had nothing. She only had family. It was in Thailand that she met some friends that were members of the church and she started coming to church. It was hard for her, because she didn’t understand Thai and it was a struggle, but having Faith in the Lord helped her overcome her trials and she was baptized, then came here. She has such a sweet spirit about her and it was so cool to hear her speak in church. First Cambodian Member to speak in church so that was definitely a highlight!

Well that’s about it for this week. The church is true, and I know with certainty that God is there for us. He is in charge, so he knows what’s best for us. It’s been a great week and I can’t believe that it’s done and gone. I hope that this week will be good and next week will be better! Always look for the good in things. Have a wonderful week, my peoples!


Elder Ellis


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