The Whole Halloween Crew

Bipolar Halloween Miracle of the Week!

Featured Photo: From Left to Right: Sister Thatcher, Sister Peterson, Sister Matagi, Sister Anderl, Sister Warmbeir, Sister Andrus, Elder Ellis, Elder Nang, Elder Whitby, Elder Anderton, Elder Boekweg, and Elder Foggin

From Elder Ellis:

Hello family and friends! I can’t believe it’s been a week again. I swear it was Monday like two days ago. This week was so much fun! I’m so happy to be serving where I am and doing what I’m doing. It’s amazing! Let’s get started shall we?

Last week a lot happened. A lot of miracles too! We went to go visit Ph___ O___ again and she let us in! After 2 months of MIA-ing she let us in and we got to teach her. It was a great lesson, followed by some service. She needed assistance raking her leaves. It was a great service project!

Elder Ellis Minion Selfie
I’m a minion!

Later that day we went to go visit another investigator of ours and he wasn’t home, so we went across the street and helped another woman rake her leaves too! She’s a really cool person and her family is very Christian. She said she was at one point baptized by sprinkling water, but she felt it wasn’t right. So she’s got some potential!

Elder Ellis Minion Selfie Smolder
Smoldering Minion!

On Wednesday we were able to visit A___. He’s a younger investigator of ours and has a lot of good questions. We read a scripture to him and he told us he didn’t like the scripture at all. He doesn’t like people to tell him what to do, etc. Matthew Malone, our member who was there, bore his testimony about how we need to find out if it’s true. We aren’t telling him what to do, we are inviting him to find out and have the personal experience. It was an awesome lesson! Turned out pretty good!

So with the bipolar part of the subject line, it snowed this week. On Tuesday. It was a mixture between snow and rain, but towards the end of the evening, it was definitely snowing. None of it stuck, but still. IT SNOWED! Then on Halloween night it was like 50 degrees, and tomorrow it’s supposed to get up into the 70’s. MAKE UP YOUR MIND MINNESOTA! It’s more bipolar than Utah! Seriously I have to keep short sleeve shirts next to my scarves and winter boots to follow the weather patterns here. I love it though because we actually have four seasons. None of this two weeks of spring and fall like back in Utah. It’s four distinct seasons and it’s wonderful!

First snowfall! Didn’t stick!

On Friday we visited O___. Man, O___ is so cool! He is so ready for baptism. We set a baptismal date for him. It’s November 21, 2015. We are so excited for him. He also came to church yesterday! Originally, he told us that he couldn’t make it to church because he is taking care of someone in his home. We told him to come only to the first hour (which is sacrament meeting). So the past two weeks, he did! Yesterday he told us that he’s going to start preparing food and other things (for the person he is caring for) before church, so that he can come to all three hours! He’s progressing so well and he’s just the cutest old man ever! I love him!

It was Halloween on Saturday!! Normally we wouldn’t be doing much, but we got signed up to serve at a community event that had games and fun activities for kids. It was a blast! Elder Nang and I ran this ball toss game and it was so much fun! Everybody won a prize! We also were told to dress up for the occasion and so we did. Sister Gaffaney helped us get some items and we dressed like Minions from Despicable Me. We were the coolest in our group! (See the pics.) It was a lot of fun and seeing the faces of the children light up and the faces of the parents filled with gratitude was so rewarding. I loved it! Best Halloween ever!

Elders Boekweg and Ellis
Elders Boekweg and Ellis
Elders Foggin and Ellis
Elders Foggin and Ellis
Elders Nang and Ellis as Minions
Elders Nang and Ellis as Minions!

Sunday was great! We got that extra hour of sleep. Which my body was like, “Uh…No.” And I woke up at 5:30am and laid in bed for an hour kind of dozing off kind of being awake. Well, we were preparing for church and we get a call from Davin, our member family that lives down in Savage. She calls us and asks, “Hey Elders, where is everybody? Doesn’t church usually start at 9am?” We both looked at each other and were like, “Oh NO! They forgot to set their clocks back an hour?!?!?!” So they came to church early. Which is okay. Haha.

It was a pretty good Sunday though. O___ came, and M___ came, and we got to visit a lot of people. Brother Arbuckle took us to go visit B___, which he wasn’t there, so we visited with S___. He’s a very knowledgeable 13 year old kid, who is not a member, but really wants to be! He was asking us questions about Kolob and the Angel Moroni, and it was crazy how much this kid knew. He told us that in History class, they could study about certain topics, but he just wanted to study the Mormon Trail. He’s pretty cool, and he’s B___’s grandson! Cool cool!

Well, that’s about it for the week! This week should be a blast as well! I’ve got a lot planned and it will be awesome! Thanks for all your support and kindness towards me and to other missionaries too. It’s always wonderful to hear from you via email or letter. I hope you have a wonderful week and continue to be the awesome people you are!

Love you all!


Elder Ellis


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