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I Am a Child of God!

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From Elder Ellis:

Hello to all! I hope your week was a wonderful week! This week has been a really hard week. I’ve been drained emotionally and physically this week. I’ve been tried and tested spiritually and physically too. It’s been a great experience though! I love this time to ponder back upon my week, because I think back to all the good things that have happened this week, and it makes me feel better! So, let’s get started!

This week we worked hard! In total, we taught 19 lessons this week. It’s been fantastic! We taught one of our younger investigators named A___. He’s a pretty cool guy. He’s a gamer like me, so we connected on some levels. Although he plays games more like Destiny and Call of Duty, of which I haven’t played the first one. Anyway, it was a cool experience getting to meet him this week.

Elder Nang Smoldering
Elder Nang has smolder. We’re so cool!

We had originally planned on meeting a referral of ours over in Eden Prairie. We called Sister Gaffeney and invited her to come visit him with us. We called him and he canceled on us. Sister Gaffeney was there with us and we were kind of discouraged. She said, “Well, do you have any other investigators to visit? I’m still here and I don’t have to do anything until 4:00!” So we called A___ up and asked if we could stop by, he said yes! We had a wonderful lesson and will go back to visit him this week sometime!

The other cool miracle that happened this week relates to the title of this email. Remember how a few weeks ago we met that really spiritual lady in the street? Her name is C___. Well, we went back to visit her this week and she was home! (It’s been a struggle trying to visit her because her schedule is so crazy). She has two little children, and when we got there, they were trying to go to bed and were crying like crazy! She invited us in and tried to talk to us for a little bit, but then said, “I’m sorry guys, tonight just doesn’t seem like a good night to talk.”

Lady Bug
Sometimes we get help when we least expect it!

I had the craziest thought ever, and I figured, it’s probably from the spirit so I’ll just go for it! There’s a Mormon message entitled “I Am a Child of God.” It’s got several people singing the song “I Am a Child of God.” So I pulled out my iPad and told her kids to listen to the song closely. As soon as the song started playing, the kids were quiet. They listened and watched. The spirit was so strong there. I felt it, C___ felt it, and I’m sure her kids felt it too. After the song was over, she thanked us and said, “Well, I really needed that, thank you so much for coming over. That calmed me down too!” She then asked for the song name so she could search it on Youtube and listen to it. That moment was the greatest moment of my week. The message that a simple primary song brought to her and her kids really touched her. It reminded me that “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” I remember as a small child being lulled to sleep by primary songs. That memory helped us teach C___ an important message, and helped her children become calm. It was such a fantastic experience. Definitely a highlight of this week!

This week has been a rough week too, lots of studying and successes and failures. The thing that has helped me make it through this week is the knowledge of an all loving, wonderful Heavenly Father. He is up there watching out for me. There was a cartoon drawing that I found that depicts angels helping missionaries all the time. I’ll have to send it later, but I know that no matter how hard life gets, God is still there for me. His love is unchanging and that is what matters most. I am a child of God, and so are you! Always have faith in Him and don’t fear! Keep going, never give up, and most importantly, never surrender. Have faith and hope and ACT on that faith and hope. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Bearing Us Up
“Bearing Us Up,” by Scott T. Petersen, 2008


Elder Ellis


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