Elders Nang and Ellis with Terri

Miracles on a Stick!

Featured Photo: Elders Nang and Ellis with Terri!

From Elder Ellis:

I didn’t email last week because I was at the Minnesota State Fair! (That is why we are talking about miracles on a stick, because EVERYTHING at the State Fair was on a stick!) It was a great experience and I loved the fun stuff there! I bought some great stuff and ate some “great” food. (Everything was fried or battered or just down-right fattening.)

Well, let’s not waste a second of this precious time we have together, so let’s get started!!!

First things first. TERRI WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!! Oh my goodness, she was so happy the whole time! I took several pictures and sometimes it looks like I had the flash on, but it wasn’t on! She was just beaming with happiness so much that it affected the pictures! It was a great turn out, and she was so happy and excited. I’m so happy for her and her decision to be baptized. Next week, she will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and have the companionship of the Holy Ghost all the time! It was just a great day all around! I’m so happy for her!

Terri with Brother Cardon and us!
Terri with Brother Cardon!
Terri with Sister Thompson and us
Terri with Sister Thompson!

Well, last week I spent P-Day at the State Fair. Boy was that an adventure! It was great to explore the fairgrounds and have some fun seeing various animals and just having a great time! I ate a lot of food there that may or may not have been healthy…yeah, it wasn’t healthy. But they do have basically everything on a stick. Elder Nang bought a T-shirt on a stick. There was cheese on a stick. There were corn dogs, sandwiches, onion rings, cotton candy, pickles—ALL ON A STICK! It’s like the Minnesota State Fair has something against using hands or utensils to eat food. Either way, I still partook of some really unhealthy food, but I balanced it out by working out even harder the next morning! I ate a deep fried Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. That’s how bad it was. I mean it was that or a deep fried Snicker’s bar. These are the things you just have to try at the State Fair. My favorite part about the State Fair was probably the International Bazaar. There were so many booths from all around the world there! They even had a Hmong booth! I also almost bought a kimono from the Japan booth, but I didn’t because, well, I don’t know why I didn’t! I totally should have bought one! I really want a kimono! GAH! I should have done it. Anyway, to see all the different cultures come together to share food, clothing, and culture was just cool!

Elder Nang and Elder Ellis at MSF
Elder Nang and Elder Ellis at MSF!
MN State Fair - The Hat
I’ll be wearing this soon!
Fried Reeses Cups
Fried Reese’s Cups…MMMM, good!

So funny experience that happened this week. We went over to D___ and S___’s house. They are a Cambodian family that moved from La Crosse recently. They have two boys who are preparing to be baptized: A___ and C___. Both are super cute and hilarious. So we were teaching them one night about the Plan of Salvation and about the life of Jesus Christ. I asked them what happened to Jesus three days after he died. I let them try to guess for a minute or so, and then started to say, “He was…resurrected.” Before I could finish the last syllables of resurrected, A___ blurted out, “HE RE-SPAWNED!” I almost died laughing! For those who aren’t as knowledgeable about video games, Re-spawn is a term used for when you come back to life after you die (e.g., extra lives, got sniped, flash failed into baron pit and fail smited too), or you just lost the team fight and died, so you have to wait x amount of time before coming back to try again. So in a sense he got the answer correct. It was just funny because he was totally serious about it. Haha!

Elder Ellis with Olaf
Our new car mascot!

Another little miracle that happened this week. Whenever we go to Eden Prairie, we always stop at this one house. No answer. This week, when we stopped by, someone answered the door! It was a kid, about 18. (I guess he’s not really a kid, because I’m 19.) But he looked really young. Anyway, we’ve visited him a couple of times and taught him once. He seems interested, but not interested at the same time, but we’ll see.

We also got C___ and his wife to come to church this week! C___ was an investigator who didn’t worry about tomorrow too much. The first time we went to visit him (back in June), he tried to get Elder Nang to go back to being a Buddhist. He also stated, “The world is going to end in 2016, so I don’t need to worry about God saving me if he is just going to destroy the world anyway.” But hey, he came to church and loved it! He’s been progressing rather well too!

MN State Fair EE The Voice
I want you!

That’s about it for this week (and last week). I can’t really remember anything else. It’s been a while. So I hope you all have a great week and thank you all for your support and love! It’s been a great week, and I’m so happy for Terri. I’m excited for this next week and I look forward to sharing my miracles with you all! Love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Elder Ellis


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