Chaly Baptism

Happy Week!

Featured Photo: Ch___’s Baptism!

From Elder Ellis:

This week was a great week! So many things happened so I’m just going to get started right now!!

Biggest and best thing that ever happened: CH___ GOT BAPTIZED!! She’s eight-years-old, but we’ve been teaching her and her family for the past while. It was so great to see her get baptized and have so many people there to support her! I’m so proud of her! I’ll be sending pictures of her baptism soon, but the best part was, her father baptized her, and it was all in Khmer! So it was pretty cool!

The feeling of being at a baptism for someone that I helped teach is such a good feeling. I don’t think there is any better way to spend a Saturday evening than to participate in a baptism for a younger member. She was beaming! and so was her father!

The other amazing event that happened this past week was when we visited T___. We talked to her and then when we started talking to her about the lesson, the first thing she said was, “So when is my baptism? Is it still the 22nd?” We told her yes! Of course!!! She is worried about her work schedule though so we moved it to Sunday afternoon. It will be a great day!

Elder Nang and Terri
Elder Nang and T___

This past week my MTC teacher, Joseph, came home for the weekend! (Mainly, so he could make it to Ch___’s Baptism). So we got to spend a day with him and he came teaching with us a couple times. It was good, because then I could actually show him how much Khmer I am actually applying. I think I am doing good! He also taught me how to read the script. It’s hard-ish and not super hard. If that makes sense. The basic thing about it is that each character builds on itself. So there is a main consonant character, then a sub-consonant character, then a vowel character. And the consonant character makes one sound and based on the other characters around it makes a different sound. So it’s hard-ish and not super hard, right?

Elder Ellis and Joseph
Trained by the Best!

Elder Henrie is no longer the Assistant. That breaks my heart! He was the assistant when I first came into the mission field. He’s working in the Hmong branch for the final transfer of his mission. AH! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE IS LEAVING!! He is the coolest missionary ever. Elder Foggin took his place and he’s from Canada. Haha the “Great White North”. Elder Crapo makes fun of him a lot. Apparently Prom in Canada is called “Grad.” That was funny.

Khmer Pho
Khmer Pho (Mom says it’s “khob poob.”)

Yesterday, I threw my diet out the window…We had three dinners. We went over to the Hicken’s house (member in Minnetonka that is super close with Ch___’s family because that is Joseph’s family) and they had roast beef for us. We played some games and taught them about the light of Christ. I bore my testimony in Khmer and it made sense! People understood! Then we had dinner with the Schriner Family. They are a couple that come here for summer sales. They will be leaving at the end of the month, but Sister Schriner loves to come teach T___ with us and she is the greatest fellow-shipper because she was once on a mission as well! She understands what we do! Brother Schriner is so cool to. We gave him a bunch of cards with our number on it and he’s been giving them to Cambodian families he talks to. He’s a door-to-door salesperson so that helps a lot! THEN we had dinner with Ph___ O___. She is one of our investigators. She fed us a dish similar to Pho. But I think it was a Chinese version. So I was super full and couldn’t move afterwards. I even ate small portions (Mom, I can hear your voice from here). 🙂

Falcon Punch
Falcon punch!

Other than that, I did get to go on a bike ride with the young men in the ward, and help one of them build some benches for an eagle project! I met one of the coolest young men who is preparing to go on a mission. His name is Matthew Malone. He is so excited to serve a mission and wants to go teaching with us. He’ll leave next year, so I’ll be here to see him get his call and leave too! I cannot wait for him to get his mission call! (I hope he goes to my mission back home, so I can be the totally awesome Joint Teacher that he’s looking for when I get home).

Socks and Sandals
This one is for both Elder Stevens! Japanese-style!

Anyway, I have nothing else to report, either my memory is bad, or I just need to bring my journal with me when I email. Haha. Either way, I love you all and thank you all for your support and love! God be with you till we meet again!


Elder Ellis


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