Temple Trip with District

We Are the Humid Heroes!

Featured Photo: District at the St. Paul Temple

From Elder Ellis:

Hello everyone!!! Worry not, I am alive! My dad got worried on Monday when I didn’t email so he texted Sister Forbes. I got a text from her saying, “A little bird told me that you didn’t email mom and dad today…” So that happened. Haha. The reason I am emailing today is because I got the opportunity to go to the temple today! When missionaries take time to go to the temple, we make our P-day the day we go to the temple! So that is why I am emailing today!

Well, I do have limited time still, so let’s get started!

There is a lot to catch you all up on. So instead of going chronologically I will just shared some awesome experiences I’ve had.

Two Sundays ago we got one of our investigators to come to church. She brought her daughter E___. They loved it! The Saturday before that we had a lesson with her in which I gave her a promise. She told us that she has been looking for a second job and hasn’t found one place that would accept her. I promised her that if she came to church, she would find a second job. Well, fast forward to this past week, she called us and told us that she got a job interview! She was super excited and is even more excited because if she gets this job, she won’t work on Sundays! One of the greatest things about being on a mission is that I get to promise blessings to people and through their faith, those blessings truly do come to them! It’s such a great feeling!!

This past week, when we were teaching Ch___ and his family, we went to the park to play basketball. We contacted two kids named Br___ and L___. They loved learning with us! Unfortunately, we can’t teach them because they are under the age of 18 and their parents don’t want them to learn from us, BUT they still do come to play with S___ and us every now and then. We just need to get S___ to be a good example to them. Ch___ also told us this past week that he has been wanting to start family prayer every night! That’s so cool how he wants to start that with his family without us telling him to do so!

Another miracle that happened this week: WE HAD A DINNER EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK!! It was the best thing ever! Great food and even greater people! Plus I love joining with the members. I often make thank you notes for them and hide them in their house for them to find later in life. I hide them under my plate, in the bathroom, or even inside the containers they give us (after we clean them of course). The members here are so great! I love that no matter where I am I still feel like I am home with the members around me.

We also helped a less-active member that the sisters are working with. Her name is P___. She’s an older woman who has struggled in the past, but is doing her best to make amends and come back to church! She loves giving missionaries nicknames! Elder Nang’s nickname is Ninja. Sister Nelson’s nickname is Squirt. Sister Matagi’s nickname is Sister “U”. And my nickname is EDB (it stands for Elder Doughboy). She thinks I am as happy and cute as the Pillsbury Doughboy. HAHA! I love helping her with her lawn! She’s the greatest! She also had us over for dinner with the sisters and her mom! Her mom lives in Springville! Crazy! She also knows where Namify is. That’s awesome because most people from Springville don’t know where Namify is. So when I tell them I worked in Springville, they always ask where, but then they don’t know what or where Namify is. Haha! It was a great dinner and a fun family home evening!

Pillsbury Avenue PDB
Elder PDB at Pillsbury Avenue

Yesterday we went down to Shakopee and visited T___. And So___! (Her name is Som___ in previous emails, I just didn’t know what her real name was) We invited one of our members to join us and invite them to church! Sister Shriner came with us and she was awesome! She was a missionary not too long ago and just connected with them. She wasn’t even worried about the language barrier! We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a great lesson that was completely guided by the Spirit. At the very end, I invited them to come to church, but I had the thought to invite them to be baptized. We had been teaching them for about a month and a half now. So I told them, “We’ve been thinking and we know that you will be prepared to be baptized on August 22, 2015.” T___ readily agreed. Then she asked, “What will they do to me when I get baptized?” Then I remember, the sisters have an investigator that is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY! So I invited her to that as well! She will come if she doesn’t have work and she also plans on coming to church on Sunday. It was the greatest feeling because I wasn’t even planning on asking them to be baptized, and the date August 22 wasn’t even something I was thinking about. I KNOW that was a prompting from the Holy Ghost telling me that they are ready. So___ was saying how far away the 22nd is. Haha!

It’s been a really humid week also. And guess what else we did while in the peak of the heat and humidity of the day? We cut down a tree for one of our members. Well, we helped cut down a tree. So this member’s name is L___. He’s 14-years-old and he’s the only member of his family who is a member of the church. His family is from India. A few days ago we got hit with this massive storm system during the night. I slept through the whole thing…but this storm took out L___’s tree in his backyard. So we had to cut it down, except there are telephone wires connecting the house to the telephone pole right next to the tree. So yesterday we went over there with Brother Arbuckle (the Young Men’s leader) and cut it down, strategically. Brother Arbuckle is probably in his 50’s or so. Yeah, he was basically a ninja monkey climbing up that tree. HOLY COW! He was up there with his little chainsaw and just climbing! After we cut the tree down, I was soaked in sweat. (Most of it was just from standing, because #humidity) But L___’s family was super grateful to us and they fed us homemade curry and naan bread! OH SO GOOD!!!!

This week has been a great week! I am SO grateful to be here at this time! I know that there is nothing better to be doing at this time. Not even surfing in California. A mission is 100 times better than that. 😉 (That was directed to Tristan and Bishop.) I love serving the Lord. It’s the best thing ever! I love you all and miss you all! Thank you for all your support! Have a wonderful week!!!


Elder Ellis


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