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Miracles Ala Mode

Featured Photo: Thank-you card from some great kids!

From Elder Ellis:

Hi everyone! This week was crazy cool! I’m grateful to be able to tell you about all my adventures that have happened thus far! Let’s get started!

This week was fun! Miracles and ice cream! What could be better?

Last Monday, we went to the H___’s House. They are a family that lives in Minnetonka. Their oldest son, Joesph is teaching me Cambodian over Skype. So that’s a cool connection. Well they have a really cool house that is basically a missionary hang-out spot. We played pool, and played basketball, and then guess who shows up? Sister H___ with S___, S___, and Ch___! They are good friends with the H___ because of Joesph. So we got to spend the day with them too! They couldn’t recognize us because we weren’t wearing our white shirts and ties. Haha. They said we should dress in our P-day clothes all the time.

Tuesday was a day of miracles. That’s for sure. First, we did some more service for the rose garden! That was a lot of fun. We were weeding the rose beds this time. People who were touring the rose gardens kept thanking us for our service and time. It was a great opportunity to tell them a little bit about the Church and how we LOVE service. Then we spent the afternoon with the family from La Crosse. They brought us a picnic of Cambodian food! It was great! They are so nice, they are also moving to Savage and they will be in our ward soon! In the evening, we went to visit Ch___, but he wasn’t there. We asked S___ if he wanted to go teaching with us. He said yes. I thought he was joking, but he was serious! HE CAME TEACHING WITH US! Miracle of the week! (Just kidding there were plenty more) He LOVED it. We asked him if he had a good experience, and he did. So that made my week so much better knowing that we had an impact on him. While he was teaching with us we went to one of our investigator’s house. We met them last month at one of the graduation parties. We knocked, they didn’t answer. We turned the corner and they were in their backyard, with two other investigators we found at the same party! They were having a dinner party! They invited us to eat with them and WE TAUGHT THEM TOO! It was the coolest thing ever!

Elders with S___
Teaching the Gospel with S___!

On Wednesday, we helped our Ward Mission Leader move. He moved to a place that is literally right on the other side of the border for the ward. We don’t want to lose him! But it was a good service opportunity to help him and he was very grateful to us. We also ate dinner with the Christensens. They are a young couple that moved in from Utah! They are the coolest people I’ve ever met. Because they are a young married couple with one child and they still act normal! They still are like young adults! They joke around with us and tell stories. It was like I was back home with the Steven’s family and my family and the Torgerson’s and the BYU kids and we were just laughing and having a good time. It was great!

Elder Ellis and the Dragon Fruit
Elder Ellis versus the Dragon Fruit

On Thursday, I ate something you never would believe I would eat. I’m talking to you Aunt Chao. I ate spaghetti squash. AND I LIKED IT! Miracle! We had dinner with the Woodwards, and they are healthy, organic people. I love them! They gave us this Strawberry Rhubarb jelly with a hint of Lavender. I thought it sounded like a perfume more than a Jam, but that stuff was SO GOOD! I’m pretty sure there are lakes made of that stuff in Heaven. It was delicious! I ate most of that jam…within two days…IT’S THAT GOOD!

Friday, we were supposed to meet with S___ T___ and his family, but we only managed to meet with him. We taught about baptism and told him that we think he would be ready for baptism on August 15, 2015. He said, “Yeah, but I think I need to check my schedule first, I might work that weekend.” I thought it was funny, but he’s ready and accepted! Now the steps to get him there start!

Saturday was a crazy day. We went to Shakopee to teach So___ and her daughter E___. We taught them about the atonement. It was a great lesson and Elna wanted to come to church! So we made some calls and got her and her mom a ride to church! After dinner we went to visit one of our investigators and he was gone. But his friend was there and so we taught him! We also went to give ice cream to Ch___’s kids and found them at Moni’s house. They loved it! I love those kids so much! Ch___ is funny. She asks us every night if we could teach her about how Jesus eats and how he puts a table in the cloud of heaven to eat. Haha.

Sunday was a serious testimony builder of a day. So church happened. S___ T___ told us that he couldn’t make it, but his family would. His son told us that they wouldn’t make it so, hope was lost and we were kind of sad. So___ and E___ were able to make it with the K___ family! And then miracles happened! Moni (a member) brought a friend of her’s. M___ who isn’t a member!! Then Ph___ O___, the older woman who came last week showed up again! They all had such a good time at church it was AWESOME! President’s Fireside was also on Sunday night, and we were supposed to have an investigator come to that to go. We got one to come! Until we called him 20 minutes before it started and found out he was in ROCHESTER! That’s an hour-and-a-half away! So we had to leave a little disheartened. I did get to see Sister Soe and Sister Pack again! Sister Soe and I served in Eau Claire together for four weeks. She’s back in North St. Paul serving with Sister Pack! What? Crazy! Well, after we left the building we decided to go see a Potential Family that lives near Ch___. We saw the kids playing outside and we went to go talk with them. But guess who we “just-so-happened” to find there? Backstory: Remember one of the two graduation parties we crashed? We happened to find a Cambodian family who has a Christian background that lives in Savage. We’ve been meaning to visit with them, but haven’t been able to get in contact with them. You can probably guess by now. WE FOUND THEM AT THIS FAMILY’S HOUSE! God works in mysterious ways people! We were able to talk with them and actually schedule an appointment with them. They are traveling to Alabama this next week, so we can’t meet them anytime soon, but they do want to talk with us soon. MIRACLES!

This week I have truly seen the Lord’s hand in my life. Though some appointments fell through and some investigators bailed on us, good things still came. I can’t believe that we got in contact with this family because they “just-so-happened” to be at their friend’s house. It’s crazy! But I know that with an omnipotent being like God, there are NO coincidences. So just know that if you are going through some hard times, don’t give up, there are good things to come! It always gets better. God never said it would be EASY, he said it would be WORTH it!

That is the story of my week. I hope you all take some time this week and look for the Lord’s hand in your life! I love you all! Special shout out to Tristan, you’ve got six weeks until you start your mission. That’s one transfer. That is one planner. Six weeks to get acquainted with your companion and area. Six weeks to change the lives of those you come in contact with. Make those six weeks count! Love you all!


Elder Ellis


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