Elder Ellis on Skype

Serving Others, Serving God

Featured photo: Elder Ellis Talking with Family on Skype

From Elder Ellis:

Late start to the day. Here’s the explanation. On Saturday, we were talking to someone who was supposed to pick up one of our investigators. Afterwards, we found this woman with a U-Haul truck and asked her if she needed help. Well turns out she did. LONG story short, she needed to be moved out as soon as possible. She was praying for someone to come and help her, and we happened to show up in that neighborhood for the first time in forever (hah! Frozen reference). Anyways, she needed help moving the next day. That happened to be Mother’s Day. So. We couldn’t get anyone to help us until this morning! So we had to sacrifice our P-Day to help someone move. We started at 8am. The bishop here is super helpful. I love him! He was so nice and helped us move all the stuff into the U-Haul truck and then unload the U-Haul truck. It was unloaded somewhere in the town of Wheaton. Guess what’s there? WHEAT! Maybe…. Anyway, so that’s why I’m emailing so late. But the smile on her face makes it so worth it!

EE and Bishop
Elder Ellis and the local bishop

Now for the big news! Transfers are this week, but I’m a greenie and I won’t get transferred. WRONG! I am getting transferred! I’m going to the North Saint Paul Area. Yup. So that happened. I’m just going places! So that means I will be finishing my final six weeks of training in St. Paul. This usually doesn’t happen. Like ever. God knows what’s up so I just need to put my faith in him. It’s just so weird. I just got comfortable here and now I’m going to miss some of the cool things we planned. But once you get comfortable, then you aren’t learning!

Other cool experiences that happened this week. It was Mother’s Day and I got to Skype with my family! That was so great! Except I was so excited that I neglected to mention Happy Mother’s Day or Happy Birthday to my Mom! But the package I sent should cover that. 🙂

Elder Ellis on Skype

On Friday we got to have district meeting and lunch together for the last time this transfer. Elder Sanwo is dying! He’s dead after this transfer. That just means he is going home. I just got to know him too. He’s an awesome Elder from Fresno and he’s not excited to go back home.

Elder Sanwo
Elder Sanwo Farewell!

Also, we had a companion exchange this week. (I’m so bad at organizing this email chronologically.) On Wednesday, I exchanged with our District Leader, Elder Cryer, and spent the day in Chippewa. We were able to help on a farm for a couple hours for service! It was AWESOME! Horses and cows and pigs everywhere! Also there was a ton of horse…droppings…that we had to work around/on. It was gross. BUT SO FUN! I loved it.

Selfie at the Farm
On the farm

My spiritual thought for today is about what? SERVICE! Because that’s what I spent the day doing! Service is so great! Like King Benjamin said in Mosiah 2, “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God.” When you are serving others, you are serving God. How cool is that? Service also doesn’t have to be a huge service project or even moving someone to the town of Wheaton. “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6). Small and simple acts of kindness are key to service too! Small and simple things make a big difference! Make sure you are doing all you can to help serve those around you! It makes a difference and you are also serving God.

EE with Horses
Nice to meet you, Brother Ed.

Anyway, I love you all! Missions are awesome! Next week will be awesome, because I will have some pictures from St. Paul. Scary! But I’m excited! God be with you till we meet again!


Elder Ellis


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