Elder Ellis and Gift Bunny

I Got Some Egg Rolls!

Featured Photo: Got a package from my family. Jasmine got me a bunny. Aw, cute!

From Elder Ellis:

As the subject says, I FINALLY ATE SOME EGG ROLLS!! They were like good quality, home-made Hmong egg rolls too. AH, so good. We ate dinner with the Yang family and they are so nice to us. Brother Yang is Hmong and taught a lesson about Family History this past week for our Hmong Heritage night. That was cool! Sister Yang is Hmong too, but a Chinese Hmong, if that makes sense. She doesn’t speak English at all, but eating dinner at their house, I was able to tell them “Ua Tsaug” a lot. (That means thank you). They made us rice and egg rolls. I almost cried, because it has been so long since I ate rice.

Last week on P-day we went to a Hmong/Asian food restaurant and ate some food there. We were approached by a man who is the bishop from a town up north called Baron. He talked to us for a little and told us that he knew the missionaries from up there. (They are an elderly couple named the Becks). After finishing our conversation, he left and our food came. It was good. Oh man. There was pho, egg rolls (not as good as the Yang’s), noodles, and rice. We went to go pay, and the cashier lady told us that a man from Baron paid for our meal. We were surprised and then realized the bishop who talked to us must have paid for our meal. I thought that was such a kind thing to do and it reminded me of who I am. I am a missionary. A servant of the Lord. Everybody knows who I am and what I do. I represent the Lord. I need to make sure that I set a good example for everyone. I also was reminded to “never suppress a generous thought.” Because even if it’s awkward, it’s a generous thought and it may help someone in need.

View of the River
View of the River

We also went tracting yesterday and ran into a cool family. We found a Hmong woman who is a less active that we don’t have the records for. She lives with her sister and lives just down the street from the church. She never knew that the church was just down the street and she wants to come to church next week. Her sister is not a member, and we might be able to teach her, or pass her to the Sisters in our district because #ruleofthree.

Speaking of sisters in our district, one sister is Sister Vang. Joseph Vang’s younger Sister! What a small world! It makes me happy to see how the Lord has prepared me and everyone to meet in one way or another.

We lost all contact with our really cool investigator from last week. Well, not all. We found out that the phone he used to contact us was his roommate’s phone. And the house he was staying in was also his roommate’s. So he literally fell off the face of the earth and the only way we know of his whereabouts is a street name. So guess which street we are tracting on for the next few days? We want to find him and teach him again.

We also met with our “Golden Investigator” this week. She’s basically ready to be baptized but the only thing holding her back is that her family isn’t in town. She also may need to be taught the lesson of the Word of Wisdom, though she is very accepting of giving up coffee. It was a cool experience meeting with her. It happened last Monday as well. (That seems so long ago). We had plans in the evening to go meet with some members, but EVERYTHING fell through. We literally were sitting in the car reading the area books to find names of people close by. Then we got a text message from her. She works at the mall and we were close by. She said she was waiting for her husband (who is a member [less active member]) to get off work. It was around 7:30 and she wanted to meet with us. We had no plans and were relatively close to the mall anyway. So we decided to go and meet with her. It’s cool to see how the Lord creates ways for us to succeed even when we think we fail. Everything fell through and we didn’t know what to do, but at that moment the Lord was telling our “Golden Investigator” to call us. It’s crazy!

Well, I just want to leave you all with these thoughts, and one more I just thought of: Missionary work is hard. No matter how we look at it. We can change the way we look at it, though, and look at it one of two ways:

The Lord is there helping prepare us and those we teach. We can look back and notice the Lord’s hand in our life and see all the tender mercies he gives us. We can look back and see how much we’ve grown from our challenges and trials.


We can look at our challenges and trials and complain about how hard things are. Or look at is as, “It’s just 2 years…….”

I personally like the first one better. Just remember, the Lord has a plan for all of us. It may not be what, where, who, how, or when we want it, but it is the Lord’s plan. We just need to look at it and say, “I’ll GO where you want me to GO, I’ll SAY what you want me to SAY, I’ll BE what you want me to BE, dear Lord.”

Elder Ellis with President and Sister Forbes
Elder Ellis with President and Sister Forbes

I love you all, and I miss you all! God be with you till we meet again!


Elder Ellis


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