Elder Ellis and District

Dawn of the Final 24 Hours in the MTC

From Elder Ellis:

Okay so it’s not exactly dawn, nor is it 24 hours, but in 24 hours I will be in Minnesota. AH! So much has happened, but it seriously does not feel like it’s been a week.

We welcomed some new missionaries into our zone, and our zone leader was soooooo funny (he’s the cowboy). He gets up in front of everyone and acts like a military general, and pretty much scared all the new missionaries into thinking the MTC is an army camp. It would have worked too, if the rest of us weren’t peeing our pants at how funny it was!

We went to the temple this morning. I love how great the temple is every time I go! It’s such a great place to feel peace and to get answers to the questions you have!

I got plenty of packages and plenty of letters this week! I feel so loved! Except when I got a package earlier. I opened it up and my mom wrote this wonderful letter describing how good the egg rolls in the package were, how delicious they were. I opened it to find an orange paper telling me that the package contained egg rolls and rice. (They misspelled egg rolls). They told me that you can’t send perishable foods. T_T (That’s a crying face). What they didn’t know is that if those egg rolls had made it to me, they wouldn’t have perished. I would have eaten all 12 within the hour! (With the help of my district of course.) I went through the stages of grief briefly.

Today is my last day in the MTC. Last hours in the MTC. I just ate my last Lunch in the MTC! I was just getting comfortable! I’m excited to fly out to Minnesota and begin another chapter!

Teaching our investigators this week was so great! We found out that Adam and Justin weren’t real investigators, but members role-playing as investigators. Teachers that teach at the MTC doing that. It was a really good experience though. It’s something new they are trying to do at the MTC. Have other teachers play real investigators for the new missionaries to teach. It changed the way we taught, because we thought they were real investigators. IT WAS SO GOOD!

Arnold, we finally got him to pray in our last lesson. He made my companion and me cry! We taught about the Atonement, and when he prayed, he prayed for safety for us and that we would continue to teach the gospel to those who need it. It was a really great experience.

Well, I do have some pictures for you of my district and other things. I love you all! I can’t wait to see you all again! God be with you till we meet again!

Elder Ellis

Elder Ellis and Elder Cummings
Elder Ellis and Elder Cummings
The Awesome District
The Awesome District!
Sorella Montagnoli and Companion
Sorella Montagnoli so sad to see Elder Ellis go!
Manila Stake Missionaries
Manila Stake missionaries rock!

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